Samsung hire students to denigrate water-forces HTC? The Taiwan authorities have an investigation

according to AFP, the Taiwan authorities, said on Monday it will be for samsung to hire students act as water army to denigrate rivals HTC charges to carry out the investigation.

Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (Fair Trade appointed the spokesman naikai university (Sun Lih – chyun), said last week after receiving the related complaints have been put on record.

naikai university, said the investigation will focus on samsung whether to participate in the competition of malicious propaganda. If true, samsung and local advertisers will face up to nt $25 million ($835000) in fines.

it is understood that the case originated in this month, some Internet users, according to samsung to hire students post on the Internet through its local agents against HTC products, and recommend samsung mobile phone.

a samsung, Taiwan officials said that have not yet received the fair trade commission request cooperate.

however, samsung in Taiwan on its Facebook page says, for any inconvenience and confusion caused by the Internet events. In addition, the company has stopped all network promotion activities.

according to Taiwan media reports, earlier this year, samsung is due to the misleading advertising its camera product be fined nt $300000.

translation: sohu it