Samsung gorgeous show in New York: apple marketing war

the author: Zheng Jun

address in New York’s Rockefeller center, samsung is obviously don’t have a meaning.

American landmarks show

this huge buildings located in Manhattan, New York’s fifth avenue, complex is composed of 19 commercial building from the 48th street extends to the 51st street, the national flag hanging around the world are at the door. The modern buildings of the Rockefeller family money building is the “national historic landmark buildings of the United States, but also a sign of capitalism. Rockefeller family with oil, from scratch development became the most influential financial group, their history of development, is the symbol of the American spirit, is the pride of the wealth.

business center in the United States, a new generation of flagship phone conference samsung more symbolic value. The south Korean giants want to show their own strength, to the United States and the world consumer play a brand advertising: samsung is not just a mobile phone manufacturer, but Google to rival apple and a science and technology giants. Luxurious theaters, magnificent conference as a concert, the us technology blog Verge reporter also couldn’t help but say, conference than apple is not a little bit, samsung marketing spending hundreds of millions of dollars.

single from strength, samsung arm-wrestling absolutely confident and apple. As a subsidiary samsung group, the company’s business across the chip, screen, mobile phones, tablets, computers, household appliances, cameras, and many other areas, almost covers the consumer electronics of the whole industrial chain. Samsung electronics market capitalisation of more than $200 billion, ranking the fifth global technology industry, Google and Microsoft are on the same level, far more than the cisco, Intel and qualcomm technology leaders in the United States.

the apple to the rise of the mobile market, samsung is apple’s biggest rival, is also the only opponent to bring pressure to apple. Samsung is the world’s biggest smartphone maker, the global mobile phone market share of about thirty percent, more than the old mobile phone giant nokia. In a sense, the smartphone market has become almost became the samsung and apple, the two companies scored nearly sixty percent market share, more than ninety percent of the profits are made.

Made apple nervous

in the rapid rise of apple iPhone, nokia, MOTOROLA, blackberry and other former giant business plummeting, HTC was fading, after only samsung has always maintained a strong momentum of steady growth. Not only has huge amounts of mobile phone sales, still can obtain huge profits. In the most important Chinese market, for example, samsung smartphone sales soar three times last year, with 30 million sales of smartphones become the industry leader,

analysis of samsung’s success, there are several big experience: high school low-end products, at all levels on all markets. Don’t walk unusual road, with apple differentiation competition; Covering the whole industry chain, to guarantee the overall profits; Design followed the trend, a good sense of timing; Marketing channel is king, huge investment. Apple iPhone outshine others, can quickly learn from samsung, apple products are with the shadow. 3.5 -inch dominate the market, samsung to launch 5 inch giant screen science phone Note series, cross-border had thousands of sales. The samsung Galaxy S active products series, sold more than 100 million units, S3 is crazy sales, with more than 40 million units to fit the iPhone 4 S sales champion. In apple’s heyday, only the samsung became apple’s rivals.

apple’s reaction, set off the samsung’s success. Since era of Steve jobs, apple has sparked a legal battle with samsung, through series of patent lawsuits to stop samsung product launches. The United States, South Korea, Europe, Australia, the two sides in almost all important markets around the world are Mired in the lawsuit. Lawsuits are winning or losing, apple has never hide to samsung ridicule and despise, but failed to curb the expansion of the samsung smartphone.

apple CEO cook relentlessly, points out that there are competitors to steal apples in design and technology, referring to the object is self-evident. Before new S4 in samsung, apple’s senior vice President of Schiller, in an interview a special mention for samsung, think with Android samsung mobile phone can’t be compared with the apple iPhone. In a sense, let apple so tense in the field of mobile phone, may be only samsung.

apple executives anxiety is well known. As innovation slows, apple is facing bottlenecks, profit growth has stalled, not only share price dropped by more than $400 from more than 700 dollars. Once standout iPhone, gradually found that rivals have approximation and partially beyond themselves, apple mobile phone is no longer the coolest technology products. In such a time node, samsung choose in New York, in the form of most high-profile S4, no doubt is a sign of protest.

huge marketing is victory for

the technical parameters, samsung S4 must be excellent products, but definitely not a revolutionary innovation. And in recent years all smartphone product, S4 conference is a no suspense products show, even the real machine has leaked in advance. Under the same plastic shell, all increase in expected, faster chips (eight nuclear), better camera (13 million pixels), a clearer display 1080 p (5 inch screen), more durable battery (2600 mah). In order to win the market, samsung has even introduced a qualcomm chip version of the United States.

this flagship phone configuration and technical, nokia, HTC and MOTOROLA can have, but they are not rivals, samsung’s market because samsung has a strong marketing. With the cost of whole industry chain advantages, samsung has sufficient financial resources can be put into advertising. Market research company Kantar Media statistics, last year, samsung mobile phones into $401 million in advertising spending in the United States, more than the $333 million of apple. A global perspective, samsung total marketing spending even as much as $11 billion. This is a digital to peer gaping.

maybe it is because the hardware is difficult to have breakthrough, so samsung at the conference on hardware parameters, and put more effort on the show a lot of human software. S4 positioning is “life partner”, eye-tracking, intelligent navigation, intelligent translation, playing music sharing, these are not bright spot but sweet little function, let the samsung’s new flagship become more humanized.

in the United States, almost all businesses can see samsung mobile phone advertising, S 3 with large Note series is hanged in the most prosperous street, the most watched event has samsung’s “super bowl” broadcast advertising. Samsung also specifically for apple, apple launched a series of violent pain mocking advertising, successive rounds on television, print media and network. Although evaluation is different, but at least samsung did it: and let all consumers know that samsung is one of the largest rivals apple iPhone. Samsung huge investment, also reflected in the perfect pre-market after-sales service, promotions, and maintaining good relationship with operators.

nowadays in the world, samsung only not conquer the core of the market is the United States, there is still an apple iPhone. Even if the Android platform has the market share of fifty percent, but specific to mobile phone brand, apple 38% of the share is still far more than 21% of samsung. This is why, samsung will continue to increase brand marketing, in “the Spring Festival gala” such as super bowl for advertisements, in New York’s Rockefeller center released a new generation of flagship product.

all inputs, is for the more than apple, scored the most symbolic of the American market, become a real king in the field of smart phones. “Technology, smartphones now into a free-for-all stage, apple, samsung, HTC, SONY, nokia, MOTOROLA, have their own ace technology, also can take out a portion of leading flagship product. But real talk, or including marketing, service system, the comprehensive strength of the brand value. This stage, only belongs to apple and samsung.

scenery behind risk

however, lonely at the top, samsung also have their own troubles. Huge marketing input for huge sales and lead more than pioneers such as HTC, nokia, samsung, but also eroded the product profit margins, samsung mobile phones currently only 17% profit margin, far less than apple, even worse than nokia’s 25%. Once the apple or other competitors achieve technological breakthroughs, again lead to samsung mobile phone sales decline, the overall performance of samsung will face significant risk. And smart phones now contributed samsung seven to eighty percent of revenue, once damaged, completely.

unlike apple, samsung, does not have its own powerful software for the success of the product is dependent on the Google Android, and his lackluster performance Bada platform. Although samsung occupying hardware field of the whole industry chain advantages, but there is no software means no lifeline, lead long to walk in the future product development by Google. Nokia from giant to decline in more than two years time, hardware vendors once failed to catch up with the tide of software, will be abandoned by market, nokia has become the samsung the best example.

in the 1980 s, the U.S. economy into recession, Japan’s economic rise rapidly. From Japan’s mitsubishi consortium to buy the Rockefeller center, once great psychological shock to the americans. But after the bursting of the bubble economy, Japan’s business downturn soon, and sell the New York landmark with the United States. Samsung release at Rockefeller center, in order to put pressure on apple, strengthen marketing for himself. But in the most time, samsung executives mind whether there have been the shadow of Japan’s bubble economy burst?

samsung last year sales record, but the chairman lee kun-hee requires managers to work at half past six every day, to all staff to enterprise crisis. China has a proverb: “prosperity, die”; Lee kun-hee, must understand the meaning.

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