Samsung enterprise mobile security solutions act KNOX officially open to the average user

this week three, samsung announced that its enterprise security solutions KNOX, officially open to the average user.

in February, Samsung mobile communications in the global conference Samsung KNOX. It provides enterprise samsung users with point to point set of security solutions. It is reported, it is introduced a KNOX, the samsung Galaxy S4 also. KNOX through divide the internal isolation of samsung mobile phones, can effectively protect the security of important data and information. Been in the application of the exclusion zone, when calling the data will be limited. Users don’t have to worry about completely sense of some sensitive data from malware, phishing attacks. Even if the phones are lost, it does not matter.

recently, samsung has power in the security of mobile devices. On the same day that, the software will be pre-installed on the samsung mobile phones, become a part of the Knox program, in order to protect the Android devices.

it is understood that the forthcoming Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 two device, the Samsung KNOX. In addition, has listed the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2 will also enjoy this service. However, the specific time is not clear.

prior to that, according to science and technology media ZDNet reported that samsung KNOX’s strategy is to encroach on the blackberry in the United States market, again into Europe, finally return to Asia.