Samsung electronics, former chief executive of yong: what is meant by “exceed top-ranking enterprise”

the author: Luo Liang

samsung electronics before the eyes of the CEO “exceed top-ranking enterprise”

, a former adviser to South Korea’s samsung group and samsung electronics CEO yong has overseas teacher lecture hall at tsinghua university, published titled “exceed top-ranking enterprise: creative thinking and talent strategy” speech, focus on talking about the understanding of superior enterprises. Samsung “empire” have how old? From tall buildings to tanks, almost can be said to be beyond the existence of the state. Our exclusive access to the speech, and main points are as follows.

yong graduated from Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) in the United States, is the international famous entrepreneur, management, in the harvard business review in 2009, the world’s best ceos, ranking the second. As the financial storm swept across Asia in 1997, yong reimbursing, to act as their CEO of samsung electronics, to turn into profit, samsung electronics has become one of the world famous brand in the future.


adviser to South Korea’s samsung group, samsung electronics, the former CEO yong

the difference of first-class enterprise and the superior enterprise

the types of enterprises can be divided into a lot of kinds, some excellent enterprises can be called a “first-class enterprise”, while some enterprises can become “exceed top-ranking enterprise”. These two types of companies what is the difference?

the first class enterprise is generally with the changes in the environment, and the yields and short-term performance oriented. At the same time, this kind of enterprise in the process of transformation of relatively conservative, and compete with enterprises in the industry as a benchmark.

, by contrast, exceed top-ranking enterprise is almost totally different with them.

superior enterprises are basically in the development of leading industry and business environment changes. This kind of enterprise long-term growth oriented, and according to the future development strategy for self destruction. At the same time, with outstanding enterprises outside the industry as a benchmarking object.

what is a superior business?

superior enterprises should be the sustainable growth and development of enterprises. , surviving more than 200 enterprises around the world now has about 5600, distribution in 41 countries, including Japan’s enterprises accounted for 63%, German companies accounted for 17%.

some sustainable enterprise has more than 1000 years of history. Japanese construction company kong group, for example, the existing of the oldest family business from generation to generation, has been through 40 generations, has a history of 1430 years.

as a superior enterprises should have three characteristics: 1, lead the industry development; 2, excellent business process and competitiveness; 3, the sustainable enterprise.

in leading the industry development, enterprises should have can produce innovative products, and fast action, quickly adopt new technology, new ideas and so on, and its development for the business model. At the same time, ensure continuity and cultivate excellent talents, to research the