Samsung confirmed: released on September 4, smart watches the Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note III

yesterday, executive vice President of samsung’s mobile Li Youxi (Lee Young – hee) in an interview with the Korea times () said that samsung will next week (September 4) exhibition in Berlin (IFA), officially released its Galaxy smart watch Gear.

this is referred to as the “concept of wearable devices” Li Youxi products, will launch the Android system. However, there is no previous rumours that the flexible screen.

when asked whether samsung will mass production of the Galaxy Gear and put on the market, Li Youxi pointed out: “we have confidence in this smart watches, it will bring a new round of development for mobile industry.” Professional analysis, it is likely to mean that the Galaxy Gear only has to be as samsung to ask a standing in the way in the field of wearable devices.

moreover, Li Youxi also confirmed the Galaxy Note III will also be released along with the message. However, he rejected samsung will acquire the blackberry company.


pictured above is samsung has been released a “watch phone” concept of product, not this time to release the Galaxy Gear.