Samsung android king cause Google fears that the former have been proposed to more money

Beijing time on February 26, according to foreign media reports, samsung electronics has become the world’s largest use Google Android mobile operating system equipment manufacturers, but this also gives Google has brought new problems.

samsung’s growth – last year, the south Korean manufacturers more than second Android device makers selling nearly 200 million units promoted Google Android smartphones – mobile advertising revenue, but it also caused the attention within Google. According to people familiar with the sources, Google executives fear that current if influence to further expand, samsung electronics is likely to force financial or other aspects of concessions from Google.

sources said, as the Mobile World Congress 2013 (Mobile meets World) are at the height of Barcelona, Google Android business executives met with corporate partners, the Internet search company, with the hope of the new Android devices from HTC and companies such as HP, can become reasonable rival samsung electronics. So far, Google and samsung electronics spokespeople did report.

source: tencent technology

it is understood that within the Google, concerns about the samsung electronics is open for discussion. Familiar with the situation, the sources said in Google executives involved in the activities of the last fall, the Android business director Andy Rubin, Andy Rubin has praised the samsung electronics has been a success, and says the two companies’ partnership has achieve a win-win situation. But if rubin has said at the time, samsung electronics dwarf in Android mobile device manufacturers, it will bring threat to Google. Rubin said at the time, Google has recently acquired Android smartphone and tablet maker MOTOROLA mobility, Google put the acquisition as a type of insurance policy, prevent companies such as samsung electronics in the Android market dominance. So far, rubin can I did report.

the rubin to Google executives to make comments, reflects the relationship between Google and samsung electronics has become increasingly complex, as samsung electronics has been on a mobile device to accumulate energy market, against the common enemy of apples. Market research firm IDC statistics show that in 2012, samsung smartphone shipments for 215.8 million units, occupied 39.6% of the global smartphone market. The company almost all shipments of smartphones for Android devices. Apple shipped about 136.8 million units last year, occupied 25.1% market share. Samsung and apple are close in 2011, with about 19% market share of the two companies.

for Google, the current problem is that samsung electronics in the Android market constantly siege, second well ahead of competitors. According to IDC, samsung electronics in the fourth quarter of last year accounted for 40.2% of the Android smartphone market, up from 38.7% a year ago. Huawei in the fourth quarter of last year, ranked second on the Android smartphone market, but the market share of only 6.6%, with a year earlier.

in the Android tablet market, samsung electronics share to 27.9% in the fourth quarter of last year, up from 15.6% a year earlier. This also let samsung beyond the amazon, the world’s largest Android tablet makers. Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet also use the Android operating system. Amazon in the Android tablet market share of 21.8% last year, less than 34.5% a year ago.

in its relationship with Google, samsung electronics has a special power, this is because the application of the revenue for Google, such as Google search and YouTube, are installed in almost all of the Android devices. But amazon using an improved version of the Android operating system, Google not installed application in your own equipment. It also makes Google more on mobile revenue depends on samsung electronics.

several sources familiar with the relations between the two companies, said Google’s current worry, samsung electronics will control the Google search engine to get through the network of the greater part of the Internet advertising revenue share. It is reported that samsung electronics will usually get more than 10% share. But the company has sent a signal, want higher share, particularly in the Google began from applications such as Google maps and YouTube after get more revenue.

outside observers have begun to recognize the nature of the relations between the two companies to change. Investment Banks Rutberg & amp; Co., general manager Jeff chang DE (Rajeev Chand) said, “samsung’s threat to Google already is a fact. With the passage of time, the company will use its dominant advantage in market share, in the negotiations with Google to get better terms.”

chang says, this may include “before the other manufacturers to obtain the new version of the Android operating system,” the voice from the selected pre-installed applications, or for more mobile advertising revenue sharing. Google has said in the fall of last year, the company’s annual mobile related revenue will reach $8 billion. The data included in the apple device of mobile search advertising revenue, and the Android devices in the sales revenue of music and video.

digital market analysts expect that samsung last year revenue from Android smartphones and tablet PCS to about $60 billion, more than $2011 in 30 billion. Samsung electronics, the overall revenue of more than $180 billion last year, increased by about 20% from a year earlier.

, according to sources familiar with Google ideas if Google’s relationship with samsung electronics, Google Android business will work closely with MOTOROLA mobility department – a bit like apple iPhone hardware and software department cooperation and the – ensure that MOTOROLA’s Android devices is ahead in the competition. But the move could anger other Android device makers. Look from the current situation, Google and no bias in favor of MOTOROLA mobility.

in samsung electronics can make with Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system and Intel and joint development of Tizen operating system of the Mobile device. At the same time, Google, MOTOROLA mobile Phone is also developing X, with apple’s iPhone and samsung Galaxy S series products to compete. Samsung electronics said on Monday that the company will show in New York on March 14, the Galaxy S IV.

Google in December last year poached samsung vice President of the United States department of telephone strategic marketing Brian Wallace (Brian Wallace), responsible for the MOTOROLA mobile marketing. In terms of samsung electronics, the company in the past one year and constantly break Angle of former MOTOROLA mobility and technical personnel.

Google and samsung electronics is still regard each other as against apple’s partner. This week, samsung launched a 8 “Galaxy against apple ipod Mini. Sources said that Google had been hoping the emergence of new Android devices such as HP business. In this year’s mobile world congress, HP shows a series of carrying Android tablets. These products will this spring, since the basic price for only $169.99.