Samsung ads mocking apple iPhone: only the old man

Beijing time on May 5, according to foreign media reports, samsung has just recovered from tedious S4 global conference, after the United States department began to diss apple continue to advertising, suggest that the iPhone is only with the old man.

in star latest advertisement’s high school graduation party scene: tide have S4, old take “soil” is the iPhone. “Earth often take” may be a rough description for the parents. (the “rough” mean parents said here are not the same as before). Pass from hand to hand when the party started, drinks, take the iPhone’s parents began to realize how much they are due.

these high school students can only to mobile phones to wave to control. They can also “kiss” with each other by the mobile phone (touch) to transmit data. As time and space conversion, will be popular in the ‘1960 s body movements to show their love to the second decade of the 21st century of electronic products. An old man mused: “some smart phones than other smartphone more intelligent?” He looks like a drunk.

at the same time, continue to humiliate the old man to samsung advertisement, they even can be used as a TV remote control to the Galaxy S4 is very surprised. Perhaps, apple has like losing the woman, this is reminiscent of the Mac and PC, the face of the poor by apple when all people laughed at, and now is really changed.

translation: tencent technology