Rush will! Say 360 pr raids in my eyes

the author: Wang Cai minister

as “rush” tell me about yesterday afternoon I saw pr raids war “. Hope and DouYing ying students wrote the hook will farce? 360 pr raid! “view each other, more angles to look at the events for more information. Below referenced DouYing ying classmates the original part, I will use bold to distinguish.

“rush”, because I am an intruder, a A and company did not invite the intruder without authorization.

this week, I just want to do a topic on the Internet security, fast yesterday afternoon 3 point of time, I began to contact the security industry friends want to do some interview. A friend told me that afternoon 3 point in the national convention center is just about Internet safety seminar, advised me to go and see.

When I hurried to the

, is already a 3 PM, so I didn’t encounter DouYing ying students encountered “will” : XieCiLi rushed out of a wave of people, caught people will plug a data over . But “how are you, my dear 360 the information I got.

I didn’t notice there are two meetings. I broke into the 360 of the meeting. Accurately speaking, this meeting full name “digital BBS first 107 ) : Internet users privacy protection and Internet enterprise’s responsibility and win-win seminar “, by the laboratory to undertake blog in China and the Internet.

to find a place to sit down, I’m slowly observed that this meeting is composed of three parts. Is part of the host, and the Internet in China are blog; Is part of the expert inside course of study: is my micro letter yesterday in my circle of friends make fun of known method (wu and SiMaPing bond) combined with any other university professor, what law firm lawyers, what weibo name of “black hawk” (there is no remember, sorry) a senior netizen, of course, the experts without digital company, representative is the chief privacy officer Tan Xiaosheng; The last part of the reporters, I don’t often run, to tell you the YanZhuo, I only know a reporter.

when it is about 3:40 p.m , it is the man do in Internet lab network privacy border with user research report, is drawing to a close. The end of this report is Tan Xiaosheng on behalf of the security company called “safe online From 360 start “report. During Tan Xiaosheng mentioned tie-jun li, said tie-jun li nearby the conference room. Beside I also didn’t wake up to this time may, otherwise a when I think of, go out to walk around it, but because tan mentioned tie-jun li might come over, I didn’t move. (li haven’t come back)

tan’s report, the jinshan, baidu, tencent malicious behavior of related software.

and then the other experts speak in turn, the long and boring, nothing makes me feel valuable content, plus I’m not very good night sleep, now have to sleep. Turn two famous “known” (wu day, SiMaPing bond) to speak,, really make me excited. Usually only on weibo “in” them, ever look to see and smell of truth. Mentioned SiMaShi is a bald person, the most exciting, “ 304 babies, the effect is that if it happened in chongqing in the red song era, will be how. Well, forgive me too free, I didn’t notice a Internet security conference, how SiMaJun substitution “ 304 baby “events).

after the meeting, experts inflammation is at 18:00 , their home, no tables.

these are the meeting process, the following are some of my impressions:

1, the workshop is not like scrambled, the Internet network privacy border with user research lab report should have a period of time to prepare;

2, DouYing research articles: “don’t listen to tie-jun li technology, you don’t understand the technology about the law is very bad. After half an hour, I will be a speech in the next door, welcome you, and here to listen to.” A man walked into the conference room shouted suddenly, and then step away. Later, it is recognized that he is 360, the company’s privacy officer Tan Xiaosheng. According to the observed situation on my side, Tan Xiaosheng this sentence should be at 3:30 ran into the room next door before said, challenge invited tie-jun li, by the way, then back to the side rooms, had I heard Tan Xiaosheng said “tie-jun li may come” , but ultimately tie-jun li didn’t come.

three, if DouYing ying classmate described: “wait for journalists to find is the main conference room and found the size of the meeting has been hard to not line, had been told to participate in the seminar of tencent, baidu, qin relevant personage hasn’t appeared, only the kingsoft security experts tie-jun li scene; Originally xinhua did not seal in the invitation to the event organizers of background plate list.” so, tie-jun li attended the meeting organizers is more like a farce, should review by yourself.

4, in contrast, the digital company will actually work well, the persuasion and appeal is very strong. I currently use digital company any of the software, but the meetings to eliminate my some bias for digital company, I think may be careful to try later. A female, a professor at the university of political science and law touched by the scene, very perceptual expressed over digital company, and the poor have no saviour. Are, of course, also don’t believe expert attitude, attitude is valuable. Hereby certify that I the following this sentence is not aimed at any particular company, please don’t make me a lawyer. This sentence is also be pr friend told me, the effect is: “according to the experience of the public relations industry, organize a expert recrimination, give each expert payments – at least this number: RMB 2000 “.

5, digital company letter is good for users. I think digital company will be through the network to each user in the letter, so in the meeting when bored, I passed the great circle of friends. I was in the circle of friends wrote: “watching 360 to the user’s letter, I was moved. Very appropriate public relations. 1 , the emotional pr to your way of writing, one-on-one conversation narrative sense, weakness, we were killed, for help; 2 , the emotional, rational analysis, logical, explained; 3 , authority, and international famous security software… The ministry of public security detect… International certification… The country’s ministries news agency use; 4 , the company is a listed company, is subject to the law regulation, clear and transparent, legal compliance. 5 , finally does not forget to thank the user read again. It should this letter to the user, as the client push to each user. 360 always understand, the user is fundamental, as long as explained to each user to understand, the media do not have to worry about. “it is at the scene with impression and hair, but they also don’t say I’m a truer to speak for digital company.

6, whether A company proof of company rogues or company proof of A company rascal, I believed! Because 1. this is a matter of industry, the general black raven, I met with many famous companies personally well-known software rogue small details, bundle that is the most common. If is a reporter, so please understand more comprehensive information, including information about the European and American countries, this judgment you would believe me; 2. competition! Only fully competition, mutual supervision, reporting, the industry will have convergence, they would correction, the real benefit is the user. 3. at present, the Internet use of “privacy” earn big money in the company have a lot of home, but not absolute Numbers and kingsoft company.