Running Windows on a Mac! 9 Parallels Desktop for Mac officially released

, the virtualization and automation software provider Parallels today officially launched the latest Parallels Desktop for Mac, starting from tomorrow (September 5), the user can through the online store and offline store to buy. It is reported, the full version and upgrade price is RMB 299 yuan in China.

Parallels Desktop for Mac can let the customer can run simultaneously on the same Mac computer without having to restart the Windows and Mac applications. Parallels the company to provide the data shows, so far, the company has sold around the world more than four hundred sets of Parallels Desktop for Mac, service covers more than 130 countries, a total of more than 9000 service providers and 10 million small and medium-sized enterprises.

according to Parallels emerging markets in Asia Pacific, executive director and general manager Lv Lian reed is introduced, the new Parallels Desktop 9 for Ma has to support the upcoming Windows 8.1, adds to include up to, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive cloud storage optimization. Customers also can pass the Mac OS X features have higher work efficiency, such as the Launchpad supports Windows applications and the introduction of the OS X giant. Parallels Desktop for Windows 8 of 9 user combines familiar and missed the start menu and Windows start button.

Parallels Desktop 9 also for many of the most common situation and operating at a significant performance improvement. Such as hard drive performance increase 40%, the virtual machine startup and shutdown speed increases as high as 25%, the time to suspend the virtual machine nearly 20% shorter than ever before. 3 d graphics and web surfing speed also significantly faster and faster, the speed of 15%.

in addition, Parallels specially designed for the Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac users to provide their own Parallels the Access for the device. This breakthrough products for mobile users to for Windows and Mac on a PC or Mac computer application gives “app”, as the procedure is designed for the app, and from the remote access and use. Now, even if the user in the implementation of the optimization program, can enjoy the original the hands to touch function. Through the same Access, the user can directly in any Windows or Mac applications through touch complete want to perform work. Using Parallels Desktop 9 Mac users can also on the device using the same Access to experience “app” Windows applications.

the official said, Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac upgrade services has been launched on August 29, 2013, full version will start from September 5, 2013 open to the new users through Boxed products, will begin on September 5, through the Apple retail store,, and other global distributors and retail locations, standard and upgrade price is RMB 299 yuan, the price is lower than in the U.S. market for $79.99. At the same time, the official also provide free trial version for new users.

Parallels Desktop 9 core function in the for Mac:

support cloud service: between Mac and Windows virtual machine synchronous up, Dropbox, cloud storage applications such as Google Drive, SkyDrive, avoid repeated local file

, enhanced Windows 8 and 8.1 support: Parallels Desktop to help users to find the real start menu, and be able to run at Windows rather than the full screen mode of Windows 8 Metro applications

, security center: easy to obtain and install the free trial of security software, make the Mac and Windows virtual machine from viruses and malicious software

, enhanced new virtual machine wizard: new virtual variant unprecedented simple, especially for has not been equipped with a DVD drive computer

, support Power Nap: in the Retina MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air machine, Power Nap now extends to the Windows and Windows application, to ensure that the virtual machine and all Windows applications to maintain up-to-date

, Mac touch gestures can be used for Windows application: Parallels Desktop within Windows application dictionary query gestures have been added to support

, support Thunderbolt and Firewire storage devices: users such devices can be connected directly to the Windows virtual machine, convenient for daily use

, can be used for Windows PDF printer: from any Windows application allows the user to output PDF to the Mac desktop, even if the application itself does not have this feature

can memory multi-monitor setup: when using the Windows full-screen mode and connected to an external display, Parallels Desktop will remember the set, and can realize the Windows virtual machine is still running on the remote display Yu Quanbing mode

, customize keyboard: editable keyboard shortcuts to achieve a custom Windows experience

, Linux integration: use Linux Parallels Desktop client now enjoy extra and strengthen the Mac OS integration function of