Rumors that Google will make specially for Google Glass store

there are rumors that Google is planned in retail stores to sell its intelligent glasses – Google Glass . Provides message tells us, he know someone is for Google Glass work in the preparation of retail stores. the people provides message clearly seen Sergey Brin (one of the founders of Google) stores plan.

we are consulting the official Google, the answer is: “we do not comment on rumor or speculation.”

the related reports, said Google really ready to build the retail stores, such as apple and Microsoft reports also claim that Google will sell all kinds of products in its store. We said that Google for Google Glass set up retail stores, the Glass is the brand of these Glass retail stores will and center.

because we received the news of second-hand, so the authenticity of the message remains to be determined. May have been talking about the Google plans for the future, even can also be some people deliberately before hype the news about Google some didn’t.

we think if this is true, for Google, it will be a very good chance, we communicate with trustworthy people, he said you see Google attaches great importance to the Glass, it is how meaningful things set up retail stores.

Google Glass, that is, one can connect to the phone and the information shows that the intelligent glasses in front of you. Google realize people need Glass practice. He put the Glass to develop test personnel as part of the “explorer” project, developers need to pay $1500 for Glass, and then you can test Glass, created after application to help it can really work.

at the time of these developers use Google Glass, Google’s employees in the accumulation of experience. We took all the process, it does seem like a retail business.

why just Glass store? Why not Google other hardware store? We suspect, because Glass is the key to Google key products. Glass – only mean need to rent the Glass store, which means that he doesn’t need much space, because it only to sell a product.

if our accurate, this shows that Google will try my best on the Glass. Not just to sell Glass, this also is Google had never touched the field.