RTB advertising company Rocket arg, start IPO plans

China advertising a wave of precision of the wave, the industry of developed countries, has already entered the mature stage. Recently, foreign media reported, a company called “” DSP, is preparing to as much as $100 million IPO plans.

it is understood that the company was founded in 2009, founded by three yahoo’s former employees, they respectively are George John (yahoo behavioral orientation and personalized analysis), director, Richard Frankel (responsible for yahoo targeted advertising business development), Abhinav Gupta (yahoo engineering director).

according to the company’s S1, according to a report submitted to the securities and exchange commission Rocket arg, maintain the growth rate of 154% a year. In 2010, 2011, 2012, three years, the company’s revenue $16.5 million, $44.7 million and $106.6 million respectively. In addition, last year the Rocket arg, EBIDTA losses of $3 million of the company.

Rocket arg, profit model is very simple. First, it from Ad Exchange (advertising trading platform) buy advertising exposure times. Secondly, after the price increase will advertising and display number sold to advertisers. As of June 30, Rocket arg, relying on the profit pattern, has run $92 million (previous advertising deal cost us $41 million).

in addition, through artificial intelligence, prediction model, and data analysis techniques, such as Rocket arg, can provide more accurate for advertisers, advertising market. At present, the company’s major customers for the product or brand agents, and compares with 784 active partner.

as a fast-growing DSP company in silicon valley, Rocket arg, got the favour of many enterprises. It is understood that the company has obtained perfect financing has been as high as 7660 gold. Main actors including Mohr Davidow Ventures, Labrador Ventures, Northgate Capital, Summit Partners, Nokia Growth Partners. It is a recent financing in June 2012.