Rovio released a new game, “angry birds” not dozen “pig”, start the car!

if don’t want to find a can let me and “super Mary” match the popularity of mobile game, so there is no doubt that I will choose the angry birds. Recently, the game developer Rovio says they will next month launch a with Angry Birds as the basic element of racing game, Angry Birds Go.

it is understood that the 3 d games will continue to angry birds free policy, all the cars and props in the game to upgrade. In addition, the Angry Birds Go “will also be pointed out that” TELEPODS “. (TELEPODS is a can send you collect these dolls in reality into the game. This is considered to be an excellent way to realized Rovio.)

it is understood that the new game will be at the same time login on December 11 iOS, Android, WP, BB10 platform 8.