Rose 3.26% in early trading. Facebook back billions of dollars

after Facebook is important for a long time back. Tonight, Facebook rise in early trading, also makes the market back billions of dollars.

Facebook today opened at $40.90 on the nasdaq market, then rising share prices, by the Beijing time 22:30, shares rose $1.32, or 3.26%, the market value of $1019.67, and this is also the company after the IPO last year to $100 billion in market value. (at present, the value of Facebook ranked third in the global Internet companies, after Google and amazon.)

on May 18, 2012, Facebook traded on nasdaq, at the time it was $38 raised $18.5 billion in initial public offering, which also set a world’s largest technology industry’s largest IPO. Shares opened at $42.05, but the price in half an hour after the break, this also pulled open the prelude to Facebook share price falling, and in August last year hit a low of $17.55, the market value of ks, prospects for Facebook, which is initiated and at the same time, discuss leveled tech bubble.

today, with the benign development of Facebook mobile business, beginning to win the favor of the investors, the share price began rising.

on August 14, 2013, Facebook, according to data released in the second quarter of this year, Facebook, 699 million active users around the world, including the mobile end day 469 million active users, accounting for more than 67%. In the second quarter of this year, Facebook advertising revenue at new highs of nearly two years, largely due to the restructuring of the company products, including mobile terminal services. Facebook ads in the second quarter of this year the total revenue of $1.6 billion.