Review 360 unloading wave: don’t mess with public power

since baidu acquired after 91, the whole application distribution market has been barely sleeps, sing us to your house, recently first 360 block in the form of “advised” millet, app store and baidu map by 26 evening, millet 360 products to notify all the fight into the white-hot.

but behind this event, it is more about “shallow system permissions for the game, and the open mode of the android system is the accumulation of a preview of the next big conflict, perhaps the next” alternative “is not far away.

public power concern

it was able to cause such a big storm, actually very important reason is that in the field of mobile security, 360 plates is big enough, it wasn’t long ago that 360 has just announced their mobile phone security guards users more than 400 million.

360 market share to achieve such a high case, as the system security applications, to some extent, has won the 360 smartphone security market monopoly of power. Users at the time of installation, perhaps did not carefully look at 360 security guards can get those permissions, but a kind of implicit contractual relationship has been formed. Part of the user assignment system permissions to 360360 to provide users with the needed services.

this is like the formation of early western cities, the citizens found in such a bad bad border, waste a lot of effort in fighting against the bad man and beast, so all the assignment part of rights, thus forming the government, to maintain stability, liberating people.

on the mobile Internet, android is the natural environment, and some people trust in 360, some people trust baidu, tencent, and a small number of people trust the other, then formed the small size of the city. Android has permission to extinguish any applications, like the natural environment can destroy the human, the chance of this happening almost negligible, so many years is called a dinosaur “application” unfortunately the effects, thus in the society as a whole, power is so much like 360 with most people formed a contract relationship between system security applications.

but this power is a kind of public power, the most important thing is on the “public”, no matter how not to give their power users. The question, of course, obviously not that simple, many applications of this kind of public power is bought, instead of the user to choose. Flash, built-in, pay promotion, advertising, brush list that as free?

when it first set out when the direction is wrong, how can we expect its final result would be correct?

buying power, is bound to be more for their own profit, rather than on the user is responsible for. And as long as have not too, most users will not against, mostly because people don’t have much choice space. So unfortunately become the service users, incidentally, to do things, or even just a grandiose, this isn’t just a problem for some applications, but also the sorrow of the whole android ecosystem.

android will be such a “shallow levels of supreme authority” Shared with the platform of each user, will inevitably cause the giants have for such a life and death battle for power. Reason is very simple, I may not have access to, but I have to rule out the possibility of others for me to use this power.

obviously, the advantage on the application of system safety, easy access to the power 360 and millet, baidu, and tencent, the battle between ali must be more intense. Just this kind of struggle, harm is likely to be the most innocent users.

sometimes, a platform is too open, the problem tends to be, this is between “orderly” and “dynamic” paradox, but the end result is likely to be a vicious spiral out of control.

play rascal, or play rascal on the grounds of service user

see first millet and two 360 announcement, everyone’s very tacit understanding with one word – rascal. Say first millet, with the application of some users may not need, it is a bit of a rogue behavior, but considering the gates uncle years ago Windows bundle version allegations in the case of IE, IE is a function of the Windows. Millet in beautiful MIUI system built-in millet app store behavior seems to also can so to defend, can be classified as a small rascal it again.

just Windows while tied up a lot of their own software, Microsoft but PC performance let this bundle does not affect the user experience, improve the part of basic experience. In mobile, smart phone, especially in the country’s most popular smartphone configuration of one thousand yuan, has a large number of built-in application drag card mobile phone normal function running situation, user and its interference.

and 360 just caught the user of the application of these built-in bad mental state, have to say, 360 “the dream silk” team enough grounding gas. Is it released this fully proves the guo degang teacher’s jokes, “rogue will martial arts, who also can not hold up against”.

if after 360, tencent, the trustee of public power users only use their mastery of the application of this kind of public power to promote their own, this time 360 although not directly use the power, application seconds off themselves look not pleasing to the eye. But put himself in the PC best herd behaviour on the mobile end – XX % of the user to select uninstall/install.

if it’s just to identify the built-in applications, and provide the delete option, that this is a very ground improvement. But the problem is the it too eager, crossed the red line, formed by the abuse of the right assignment by the user of public power.

“advice immediately uninstall” “82% of the user to select uninstall” such words, with the obvious tendency of induction, even in the output to the users of a kind of fear. Users see in 360 after the prompt, for fear of caton crash phenomenon in a mobile phone, out of fear of contrary to most people choose, are likely to follow the 360 tips to make a choice, especially for small white accounted for a large part of the 360 user groups for users.

this is a kind of service users as the reason to play rascal, actually still play rascal. The main purpose of the service users have apparently it’s hard to say is that it, as some comments, if even on the application of the mobile phone QQ, baidu map such advice is “delete”, it can really improve the user experience?

what’s more, even if it is really in order to improve the user experience, and damage to the ecological balance of the whole android, that this is really good to the user? Should meet the demand of users is a product, but there is not only the need to pursue, the future of meet the demand of this item should be no harm to other needs met, more not contact to deprive the user choose independent rights.

maybe this is more than 360 should be thinking, but each has the application of the public power should be considered, including WeChat level so active users of the hundreds of millions of products. If not, which one day we will do it again sometime followed a bosses make a difficult choice.