Reveal the Washington post, the transformation of 21 years ago

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written in front, is the most surprising tech news last week amazon founder bezos personally bought the Washington post. When newly bought traditional broadsheet science and technology, the development of the Internet accelerated the decline of American newspapers. In fact, as early as 21 years ago, post began to explore the way of life of the Internet, but it is not escape from paper Zhang Li life path. This article will review for you 21 years ago, post to IT at that time, the Internet development prospect forecast and countermeasures.

in 1992, the then editor of the Washington post’s Robert Kaiser, at the invitation of apple CEO Sculley to Tokyo to attend a BBS, a trip to Tokyo almost toppled Kaiser perception of traditional media in the future. He saw at the meeting what you hear as if looking at the science fiction, he couldn’t imagine in a computer is not color screen, notebook tablet like myth, mobile phone era of big like a brick, how will the future of the Internet turning traditional media like newspapers, magazines and television station.

on the plane back from Tokyo, he wrote a long a memo to post at the top, it is a media people on the Internet, traditional media and even 20 years ago foresee technology products. At that time, as the Washington post technology editor Potts admitted that if the traditional media to a breakthrough in the future, then this memo is a “secret” 20 years ago. Unfortunately, the traditional media missed the good timing.

Kaiser at first then admitted: he was shocked by the participants in the development of the Internet industry for the future forecast.

“DaveNagel, apple engineers said that the next 10 years will be a computer the rapid development of the stage: personal computers will become cheaper, can deal with 1 billion instructions per second (now only about 500000) data transmission speed will increase to 1 billion bits per second (now only 15 million – 20 million). In all personal computers will become a virtual super computer, easy to transport and store huge amounts of text, data and images, etc.”

if you can through the back, maybe we can go to the meeting place for these “preacher” “sermon” again, because today’s computer has super computers is not that simple, but don’t forget, it was 20 years ago, a group of the most frontier consciousness at that time people see the future, when we look back, found that the prediction is too conservative, the development of science and technology has break through the people imagine. At the time,

the Kaiser had to spend time thinking to digest these predictions, he wrote:

“at this meeting, I asked a lot of a tech geek, I think Mr Nagel’s prophecy is too optimistic. But no one agree with me, they even more than Mr Nagel thought avant-courier, they think the future computer interface will be more convenient, such as voice control, gesture, etc. They stress that all this is not science fiction, in the near future will be implemented. “

Kaiser obviously feel the importance of the situation, he said to the group of high-level suggestion:

“the world is changing at an amazing speed, we need to pay close attention to what is happening. Although we have not associated with the Internet in the industry, but I’m willing to bet, by Internet media industry will change in the future. We need in their industry (Internet) with their rules of the competition. Only in this way, we can beat them.”

here we have to admire the Kaiser fast learning ability, he realized that the media on the eve of the Internet about the outbreak of the danger, what to do next? Kaiser spoke more let a person admire words:

“meeting a lot of people think, early in the history of new media is often considered as the inheritance and innovation of the old media, like TV appeared, people will think that is a video of the radio, but it is a very short-sighted and irresponsible. (Washington post) we can’t just put the news content posted on the Internet, in other words, we need to provide a type of Internet news product!”

Kaiser subsequently developed with technology editor Potts “post card” (it), it may be traditional media towards the Internet is an important step in the localization, the card (pictured), we have glimpsed Kaiser’s idea: use of the Internet, thinking to reshape traditional journalism. But the Internet outbreak did not come soon, it’s only a running on the stand-alone “news website”.

until 1996, the Washington post website finally online. But newspaper bosses, never seriously consider how to embrace the Internet reason, they are sure only printed newspaper is the root of the newspaper group, they don’t have the courage and the power to open up new areas, until later regret. Kaiser has hit the nail on the head in a memo to point out that: we must be sure that now live in the sea of an electronic device, we must guard against errors because of an unforgiving times and being swallowed.

and, more importantly, the emergence of blog, social networks, almost completely change the relationship between media and readers, and everyone is the author. Every ordinary people of this age can become news publishers, everyone can bring the world all kinds of information, in other words, everyone can be a media.

now, the major U.S. newspaper group is a delicate stage. Already murdoch’s takeover of the Wall Street journal, business week has stopped publishing printing plate, the Boston times low price changed hands… Plus the bezos bought by the Washington post, traditional media is not optimistic, tomorrow they are for ever miss the chance.