Reveal the mystery behind the light application: li hedge

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a hedge fund is an old concept, the financial industry is a kind of behavior or strategies to reduce risk, the most popular explanation is that the assets traded on goods in a market, in order to hedge in another market risk assets. Many have leverage amplification effect, or avoid the risk of “buffer” function. But if on the Internet, hedge becomes a new play.

in the Internet industry, there are many such cases in recent years, tencent, baidu, ali, 360, whether the layout of the product, or play of capital purchase action, many have the trace of the hedge. Namely, do not want to put the eggs in one basket, through the way of multiple legs walk or bet on, empty shakes a recruit, but it is virtual, real virtual, the surface looks like a smoke screen, but purpose is very clear.

this morning, in the baidu world conference, baidu finally uncovered the real intention to hedge, blockbuster proposed the concept of Light App Light applications, is given to illustrate the application is to help the long tail breakthrough store mode of the oligarchs. Familiar with baidu mobile Internet gameplay and routines are very clear, baidu’s successful finally came out. If apply IT vendors often use a roadmap of words, baidu’s increasingly clear roadmap and schedule.

this is playing with a hedge? Baidu why do you choose?

baidu spent $1.9 billion for 1.9 billion wireless, who recently signed a purchase agreement, the discussion debated about the deal. Only look at transaction itself feel not worthwhile, but if put in baidu mobile Internet “pattern”, behind the deals under consideration, you will find it quite have the taste of hedge funds.

91 wireless strong distribution capabilities, occupy the entrance to a Native App. At that time, you can guess, although Native App is currently the mainstream form of mobile Internet, but 80% of the long tail App, utilization rate is actually falling, and down quickly, but the application of long tail users demand is growing. App store model of short-term difficult to solve this problem, but how can continue to rule in how long time the market? Seems to be an open question.

however, baidu can not wait for WebApp mature, so they take 91 wireless on this first, occupy the existing APP form, and foster a big push the light of the application of the show. For applications in Native App and light future relationship is not clear, betting on one side of strategy is not science, nor insurance. So “hedge” to reduce the risk, no matter which way to win, or the future trend of parallel, baidu has enough comprehensive ability.

of course, the baidu took a “hedge”, there is another reason: Native App or light application on two fronts, baidu has a strong distribution capabilities, after buying 91 wireless, and baidu mobile assistant energy, Native App downloads daily distribution reached $69 million, it was an absolute top number; Light on an App, baidu is always go mobile infrastructure capability of suppliers, in the mobile cloud technology, services, the ability to output and ecological supply, is a position of strength. And Light App form closer to search, search on intelligent distribution function can docking. So once more devastating.

so that baidu has ability to support dual mode of operation, the two battle layout is more reasonable.

baidu this can play a “hedge”?

if have no problem, it is definitely a lie. Even WeChat, has 450 million users and 750 million mobile phone QQ tencent, all dare not say can hold the future of mobile Internet. So, baidu play “hedge” purpose is ambiguous in the short-term market, can not see clearly the future environment, let baidu in the “window period” of accumulated number of developers, users, wait once mature, can play on the seesaw.

but there still exist problems, mainly from two aspects. Is a Native App distribution ability, the 69 million – day moving average distribution is an awkward Numbers, although ranked first in the scale, but the back of the 360 mobile phone assistant quite close, far from a big, form a kind of search market status. Baidu and 360 the current gap is not very big, is not belong to a safe distance. Distance of the two. Hedge is a good chess step, is also a risk.

two is Light App just mentioned, although the Native App store distribution model increasingly exposed the shortcomings, high promotion fee, brush list to cheat, a large number of zombies App emerged, such as “App” in the promotion, retention rate, activity of users cannot guarantee, but now Light application is not fully mature, many technical problems have not been completely overcome. In the business model, recognition, and commercial developers gathered effect cashability, is just a “outline”. This is a more the unknown.

the baidu world conference, the cloud around the Light App ecosystem, baidu began to, open source App development framework clouda tools, environment, and sound cloud, face recognition, image processing, such as open cloud components, and even put forward for the developer to Light App transformation paths and methods of the “migration”. Baidu ‘how to STH over and over again is why? Obviously purpose only one, is fully reduces the risk of a “hedge”, to the best of Native App buffer of settling time, the Light App “pet” is big, and see the results.

light application would be the most need of product form baidu?

when it comes to here, a lot of people may have the impression that looks like the Native App is just a childcare, is a Light App to make a prospective “transitional product. And the final product form, baidu is more like stretching strength light running applications. How do you say? For now, it is! Hard to say, but the future is now under such a conclusion is premature.

HTML 5 and baidu launched a lot of development tools and cloud ability, short term is difficult to judge the size of the light application, and how the value of the cash in the long tail application. This looks like baidu union when we have means of hundreds of thousands of webmasters, but they are very big. Light App will dominate the next mobile Internet era? Now can only say that Native App conforms to high demanding applications, interaction, can get the best experience, at least absolute entirely replace the light application bottlenecks. Light App on the low frequency, the application of partial content type has more advantages, especially combined with the search ability of distribution, access to a wider range of users. After Native App camp out can be quite large.

in addition, baidu for Light App has spread a lot of road. The baidu in the frame of the CLOUDA also launched a retrieval technology, the technology looks like a single, behind is the baidu search, distributing in the application and the matching of ambition, but also for Light App landing, flag-waving a secret weapon, can solve the plight of the App, solve “users can’t find the application, application and user demand does not match the challenge. This is obviously a for Light App overweight.

hedge sometimes like smoke, let opponents can’t distinguish true and false, also can let oneself more successful. But the future is a Native App Or Light App? Baidu gave no clear answer. But can feel out Light App in the weight of baidu’s eyes, although the future is the best form is still not sure, but at least at the moment.