Reuters: apple former CEO cowley is trying to a joint bid for blackberry

according to Reuters, apple’s former CEO John cowley, (John Sculley) is trying to joint bid for blackberry company.

cowley refused to comment on the reports, but in an interview with the Canadian newspaper, said a long time since he is blackberry fans, and I thought this is a very potential company.

“I can only say that the future blackberry company still has great development value. But if the company does not understand the industry of a boss and a strategic planning, so the development of the blackberry will be difficult.”

since announced blackberry looking to sell, has been with a number of technology companies coming from “gossip”. These companies include: Google, cisco, SAP, lenovo and so on.

John cowley,

cowley early in PepsiCo, after Steve jobs to apple. When will be the father of the apple later he founded out of the enterprise. However, after exhibits a expansion line, cowley eventually fired from apple’s board of directors.