Reported that yahoo and bursts of $1.1 billion acquisition agreement

Beijing time on May 18th morning news, the us technology blog AllThingsD quoted sources as saying that yahoo’s board plans on Sunday night meeting, discuss whether approve the $1.1 billion deal to buy light blogging site bursts of trading.

this week there are reports that yahoo! May soon and make some sort of deal, it may be a strategic investment or acquisition directly. However, sources said, yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer) has decided to buy bursts will become an important bargaining chip in yahoo’s future strategy. This will help to attract young yahoo user groups, at the same time, get a lot of user-generated content (UGC).

is similar to other heavyweight acquisition, acquisition of yahoo deal could still failed at the last minute. However, sources said, as of Friday the two companies’ agreement is still valid. If approved by the board on Sunday, the deal could be announced on Monday. Yahoo has said it will have some news will be released.

according to several sources, mayer began to pay close attention to about six weeks ago bursts. She then quickly determine, as a fast growing content sites, bursts of assets needed is yahoo. Bursts of cool, and was welcomed by young user groups.

yahoo is using the powerful media services to appeal to different groups of users, and through the design elegant, easy-to-use consumer software to enter the social market. Bursts of mobile business performance also strong, and this is the website attract a big factor mayer. Bursts of initial is a service based on the desktop, but the past few years, the number of mobile users have risen sharply. ComScore data show that in the us, bursts of about a quarter of the traffic from mobile devices.

with a price of $1.1 billion, it will be mayer so far the largest acquisition in yahoo. Since last summer as yahoo CEO, mayer made only a few small scale acquisitions, acquisition mainly mobile startups.

sources said, as part of the deal, bursts of founder and CEO David Karp (David Karp) will continue to be responsible for the bursts of operations, and mayer has promised to give him a lot of autonomy, although bursts of also need to be closely integrated with yahoo. Yahoo! Will through a four-year incentives to retain kapp. Now, bursts of brand will be retained.

if an order is finished, so is a major victory for bursts of investors. Since 2007, bursts of completed the $125 million in financing, the current valuation of about $800 million. Investors of the company include the Spark Capital, investment, sequoia Capital, Greylock Partners, Insight Venture Partners and Chernin Group.

in the past few years, karp rejected several companies offer, and mayer has spent a lot of time and energy, to karp explains how yahoo will help bursts of acceleration. Karp is also looking for a chief operating officer, responsible for building bursts of infrastructure, especially in advertising.

AllThingsD has reported that bursts will bring huge young to yahoo user groups. In April this year, according to comScore, bursts of global independent user visits for 117 million. The bursts on its home page to announce that the site has 107.8 million blogs and 50.6 billion items. In April this year, bursts of desktop traffic in the us market was $37 million, close to LinkedIn and Twitter, but Twitter mobile traffic significantly higher.

in takeover talks, bursts of representative for Qatalyst Partners, Fran kua tron (Fran Quattrone), and yahoo is involved in the talks include mayer, director of mergers and acquisitions to Jackie, reithofer (Jacki Reses) and chief financial officer Ken Goldman (Ken Goldman).


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