Reported that alibaba in PPTV negotiations coming to an end

the author: trish

on July 29th morning news, news from the bank, according to alibaba stake in PPTV negotiation is drawing to a close, is likely to be announced soon. But nearly PPTV, high-level people say about PPTV deal at least until the end of August will be clear.

with sohu video after drifting away, behind PPTV emerge multiple buyers, including Su Ningyi purchase with alibaba. Not long ago, there is talk that alibaba is interested in buying PPTV, and reports that July departure chun-ning liu, general manager of tencent video has a low profile to join alibaba, but the message is proved.

but according to the understanding of sina science and technology, together with the PPTV investors softbank’s alibaba, did PPTV with contact and are interested in investment. News from investment banking circles, according to the deal has been basically implemented, is expected to be announced soon, but is not yet clear will purchase or investment.

in fact PPTV CEO TaoChuang has recently told sina science and technology, he emphasized hope PPTV independent development, and hope’s investment strategy.

in alibaba contact PPTV news, unobstructed first reaction is to look not to understand the outside world, think only to softbank masayoshi son to cash out and use the capital. Also has the investment banker told sina science and technology, after they contact alibaba executives, has made it clear that the video isn’t interested in.

but this is changed by ali strategy to screen more. Ali last week released a TV operating system, and with the TV box products, devises television screens this huge market. Some analysts believe that although ali TV operating system main characteristic is electricity, but the video is an important part of television screen is indispensable, while the content of the TV also has considerable resources, but the brand recognition degree is not strong, need PPTV such a national brand.

on the other hand, under the baidu the price of $1.9 billion to buy 1.9 billion, rumours of PPTV 5 – $600 million offer doesn’t seem to be expensive, which is why alibaba an olive branch.

as for the other’s intentions, sohu video has personally in charge of by zhang, and stop the spin-off plan, but due to factors such as price, control, and integration, and PPTV mergers and acquisitions has been put on hold, and the other a buyer Su Ningyi purchase, also because of the price with the PPTV wind up.

but in the drama of the year the Internet investment in mergers and acquisitions, anything has not publicly disclosed there are variable, PPTV who eventually also difficult to have a final conclusion.

in the attachment with sina science and technology, alibaba and PPTV have no comment about it. Nearly PPTV level have revealed that investment in mergers and acquisitions will become clear until at least until the end of August.

source: sina science and technology