Renren “layoffs” truth: mobile Internet blind investment failure

distance release 2013 in the first quarter earnings four days earlier, the company laid off the crisis. A source says, recently, renren 3 g the cuts rates as high as 75% , all net, all games and glutinous rice.

at all company chairman Chen and all wireless general manager wu jiang, have been unable to get through, renren’s public relations director wang in an interview, have taken the relevant report is not happy with anger. Wang yi reporters that everyone game under earnings, net more in the rapid expansion of polished glutinous rice, mass layoffs news is absolutely rumor.

it is reported that recently, the shake handshandle former vice general manager, service and Su Wan RSM bin-bin zhang rate 80 many people, the collective job-hopping to glutinous rice. For cuts, glutinous rice, general manager of network Shen Boyang also on weibo for the reports.

so, what is the truth of the layoffs?

This year

1 on 16 day, all company formally announced the establishment of independent wireless business unit, focus on new product research and development in the field of mobile Internet and operations, including fabric business CARDS and other mobile products. Chen said that all the company’s strategy and investment focus will continue to shift to wireless Internet, will launch a series of innovative mobile Internet products, strive to grasp the development of the wireless Internet.

a all people within the company, according to the development of mobile Internet and change quickly, everyone in the department of strategic planning, wireless inevitably investment overheating, partial failure or gradually abandoned products, including various APP application development.

a project failure, related to the development team members and department cannot digest cost burden.

renren coping measures, hope these free up human resources adjustment to other departments, such as glutinous rice network, game unit. But obviously, from the career development direction, could not all people can accept such cross-platform adjustment, and renren, this practice has disguised layoffs, as for layoffs fact exaggerated, there is also a disgruntled employee the possibility of retaliation.

results showed that all the company 2012 2110 $ 2013 in the first quarter results released before, really are motivated to squeeze costs. But on the other hand, in the first quarter earnings generally consider only the first three months of the company, even if is to control cost, obviously is to prepare for the second quarter. To speculate that four days later released 2013 in the first quarter earnings, or let everyone company in the capital market will face a lot of pressure.


p.s. This is not the first time that renren mass layoffs. Nearly five months ago, and everyone has experienced large-scale layoffs, then focused on the department website. On December 3, 2012, hunting cloud network news: