Release time machine products: users taobao taobao consumption can see ten years

story in turn.

in 1999, in Beijing have been staged a “Internet survival experiment”, were locked in a transparent house, trying to rely on the network shopping, to prove himself to the world can survive.

now, at the beginning of “behavior art” is already a part of daily life. “ to health, you should go out,” mom said, complaining about you too indulge network, side took the parcel Courier sent to me again.

“taobao the 10th anniversary of the time machine” with each user a retrospect of the change process. the network interactive product launch today, when you open it, you can see yourself from 20 3 years after taobao set up in 2013 to consumption. During this period, social change and how to influence the consumption view of everyone.

a little a “time machine” we savored the details of China’s macro economy. we see, ten years, Chinese people begin to pay for their own security, parents buy the cost of the milk powder to achieve an average of 8343 dollars each parent; We see , 80 after 90 after become the main toy purchase, perhaps because don’t want to grow up; We also see that there are more than 100 million Chinese people used to buy Korea flow of goods, groping his own fashion.

product managers said: “every purchase is your expression, taobao silently for you to record”.

pro, our common ten years.

home beginning age Shanghai, Beijing, hangzhou is the city of shopping

online game is the first sports national

we are gradually moved to the Internet, will all life’s era from beginning.

we get food and water from the Internet, books and spiritual enlightenment, even get moving. Do you know what is Chinese netizens favorite sport? Isn’t a ping-pong, is not basketball, taobao data showed that it is a network game, a total of more than 38 million travel fans to buy the merchandise. In the traditional sports, swimming, in the first place, most to buy related products.

and the Chinese favorite board game is what? Young people may say is three kingdoms, but according to ten years, has the largest number of board game to buy the product is mahjong, then poker and three kingdoms, visible trendy to catch up with the traditional will take time.

in the past decade, developed in the eastern city has led to online shopping, is a comprehensive life “ Internet” pioneer. According to the online sales accounted for the proportion of the total amount of purchase to rankings, Shanghai is worthy of online shopping in China, Beijing, hangzhou and shenzhen, followed by wuhan and chengdu also squeezed into the top ten.

if according to the province to compare, guangdong and zhejiang are the top two.

with the popularity of online shopping, maybe more virtual city landscape will slowly emerge. science fiction writer liu commented that “one day the people in this life in cyberspace than in the real city more real, more free, more rich and colorful, virtual space will replace the real city and become the future main human life”.

tainted milk after 196 than unsettling “mom” only buy the milk powder

Shanghai most unsettling “mom”

“milk powder, assist food, baby bottles, tableware are American, diapers is Japan, toy is also in the United States, the skin is also in the United States… “ new mom pan pan side counted himself just to buy baby supplies, heartache your spend money.

from a time machine, The Times of security consumption is from the autumn of 2008. That fall, and much of the nation “melamine” poisonous milk powder incident. before that, the mothers to buy most is domestic milk powder. and the outbreak of the tainted milk powder incident, domestic milk powder by the strong impact, sales 41% of the decline. Although it has been nearly six years, but the people of the unease over the domestic milk powder quality is still in the fermentation.

today, there are 1.96 million mother like pan pan, only to buy the milk powder, and the number is still growing. If you want to know this unsettling “mom” 1.96 million where is the main, Shanghai, Beijing these two domestic high-pressure city is most concentrated. Among them, the online shopping developed Shanghai is as high as 9.5%, is for “security” of consumption pay most areas.

the consumption of people on security to unprecedented heights. Milk powder, for example, , according to taobao data since Sept. 08, parents are spending on the milk powder as high as 16.3 billion yuan, every parent spent an average of 8343 dollars.

and purchase of security is not only on the necessaries of this class is associated with children’s milk powder. tainted milk just opened the prelude of people upset, and then all kinds of disasters, let many people start to prepare for emergency crisis: after 512 earthquake, 245000 people have purchased the first aid kit ; That a flood of Beijing, swept away the lives of 37 people, also let 2.15 million safety hammer since then streamed to fly to all over the country; 20 12 part of PM2.5 by the end of Beijing mask broke goods, so far 46 000000 masks consumed; The outbreak of bird flu, and let 450000 boxes of radix isatidis in medicine cabinet. Scream, this is we already entered security consumption age.

80 , 90, grew up

1688 than “over age children” to pay for the toy

a third of the plush toys are bought after 90

a drawer full of old cartridges, hundreds of TV with each s old consoles, to decorate house special vacate a room to do model, friends play board games, this image seems to be distant from the adults in the traditional impression, after it has become 80 after 90, the group characteristics.

over age children from English “kidult,” in the refers to the adults but still is a child speciality attitude, personality and interest of adults. with 90 after all entered a marry at a mature age, over age children’s team is also growing. , according to data from taobao, a total of 8.09 million in ten years away 30-39 fee bought toys, and more toys turned out to be 16.88 million 18 to 29 years old between, consumers have bought these over age children fully catch up 30 years of age or older, most had a child of the crowd, become board games, video games, toys, such as model of main consumption force. More than 30 people to become educational toys major consumer groups.

relevant personage thinks, this may and young people into the social life pressure increases suddenly, after so have always held his childhood to strong nostalgia.

adults more than children love toys and even performance on the “easy” plush toys, there are more than one-third of the plush toys are between the ages of 18 to 24, people have bought more surprisingly, buy plush toys of men more than women. don’t know what is men can only come up with to girlfriend plush toy, or adult male is more and more love in the plush toys?

a new generation of fashion

Korean, Chinese style and make track for a star coexist

at least 100 million people overtake “Korean wave”

if to the China fashion “explosive” of the 1980 s, is a double cassette recorder on their shoulders, wearing bellbottoms, with a frog mirror, and by the most people are more fashion conscious 2013, what is fashion has it’s hard to say clear, because of the popularity of uniform standards are no longer.

in 2005, super girl all night, since the road a lot more don’t wear a skirt “ pure the yes” pretty boys and neutral wind, according to taobao, according to data from 2005 to present , taobao sold 160 million pieces of the neutral clothing wind, buyers included 6.27 million “ masculinity” and 3.29 million pretty boys. Later “boyfriend” and neutral wind, along with the gender of the jacket and simple dress or jeans, is characteristic of the group of girls.

and at the same time, sweet and elegant Korean women’s clothing with the han drama that heat the house full of romance, “my name calls jin sanshun”, such as “dae jang geum” taking shape. according to taobao, according to data from 2005 to date, a total of 118 million consumers buy han edition style goods, that is to say, have one person every 5 among China’s netizens overtake hallyu .

today, han edition is still the important style of taobao women’s clothing, on April 24, taobao search “ han edition” can search 42.14 million baby.

in the Korean fans side wipe tears, while chasing the play style at the same time, China hot wind, home products are also quietly stay. The boom can be traced back to roughly 2006-2007 , classical Chinese leap shoes through a foreign designer, was “ elf prince Orlando to wear on the foot. At that time, triggered a retrial countrymen for the Chinese, also caused a young people’s passion for air. At the same time, the the air moisture regain and international popular agitation restoring ancient ways, also become a new popular restoring ancient ways. In 2011 almost a parody of “the most gorgeous national wind” and the popular, according to statistics, since 2011, buy cheongsam, outfit, a number of hanfu, embroidery and so on to 230 million items.

in addition, more a group of the pursuit of star what to wear, what I also wear “groupies” . “Same” can be found on taobao search 2.45 million baby. for those more depth starstruck, is on taobao, stole out of the soup before Tom cruz of putting through Ms. Ming, stevefan ice like Vega Wang, gao most often upper-body Kiko. C, liu favorite BABYG HOST… Such as independent designer stores.

“on the tip of the tongue of China” turns into the tip of the tongue on the taobao

826 all night for food family birth

before tao eat this new group, let’s meet “version. is the version of can eat? No! Really version, dare to face to face with big stomach, very dare to face up to the purse, is it difficult for a self sustaining food pictures. One a documentary in 2012, is touched this help a version of the most sensitive nerve, pursuit of eating them to a climax.
This also cause since then, swathes of the group and create another branch – night tao to eat. Evening watching the cuisine, side drooling taobao is their a habitual behavior. and how big is the power of this behavior? when they are living the purchase peak food goods from day to night!
But night out to eat, to eat in the evening of desire is stronger than others. Data statistics, although there are 22.68 million people in May last year after on taobao to buy food, but including 826 is at eight o ‘clock in the evening to 1 a.m. in the morning to buy food. They, is tao at night to eat. On average, each night for people to eat during the period of “the tip of the tongue” popular average buy 16 pieces of snacks. Assuming that the average snacks to 100 calories, the 8.26 million version of night have to relay on a total of 4946 jogging to these calories consumed, avoid to become fat. so in this special remind foodies to find food at night, can buy to eat in the evening, don’t eat after 8 p.m.

get a home

20.65 million people using online shopping to decorate his own humble abode

“I wanted to have a home a don’t need gorgeous place when I am tired I will think about it” . But 70, 80, 90 is no longer able to enjoy the housing distribution generation, then chew old + + loan personal savings, just buying a new home for himself. The 20.65 million kisses, we understand, not lazy, you is how fast you learn to use the method of save, for yourself with a unique, warm home with your own label.