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799 yuan red rice, has resulted in many science and technology media attention and concern, think it will bring shanzhai phones and one thousand yuan machine market huge blow.

now, released from the red rice has nearly two months have passed, but appeared on the market looks don’t have much advantage in configuration of lenovo VIBE X . Like the red rice for the MT6589T solutions VIBE X , even go up high, cost up to 2899 . Low price and famous for shenzhou computer, also made clear that next month will launch the shenzhou brand mobile phone, the price will be half of millet. Now, however, when the shenzhou phones on configuration than millet low many, in respect of the price is than m 3 half or less than half red rice, operations, was made a cover.

why lenovo and shenzhou still dare to launch such a product? Lenovo and shenzhou profile, there should be no necessary to do so crappy brand marketing, in their eyes, the existence of both products must have their big market space. If this is to some extent, explain the power of red rice were not as big? Hunting cloud network one by one analysis.

product positioning, target group co., LTD.

red rice positioning is cost-effective users of hardware configuration is not demanding. Because of the limitation of Internet mode and hunger marketing, buying groups, in the red rice are also on the Internet have a certain understanding of science and technology and people who have plenty of time at the same time.

and the user community is not wide, with shanzhai phones and machine market crowd coincidence degree is not high of $one thousand. Shanzhai mobile phones as a whole the main price is in 299 ~ 799 between, and even 199 . Machine in one thousand yuan, one thousand yuan machine products is varied, have main high-definition screens, with the main music performance of different positioning and so on. According to the professional mobile phone survey team ZEALER assessment, red rice in terms of exterior design and workmanship, red rice now version is still very rough, obviously lower than most of the $one thousand machine. And such a low price, a modest increase in the future work aspect: no problem, but have too much expectation on appearance and workmanship, may be dashed. On the target groups, both of which are based on broad offline trading, with red rice coincidence degree is not very large user groups.

even if red rice is with the space for joint promotion, face a bigger group of second level 3 city offline market, but had a great doubt on security in the Internet model of users, in the not to mobile phone cases, even will immediately think: this to draw a property, not to be trusted. Red rice mobile pace of expansion will not be as fast as I thought, there are a lot of difficulties to overcome.

market channels diversity, flexible shanzhai transformation

McGonagall jointly by the home of mobile phone consultation, survey, the top electronic multilateral joint investigation and production of the 2013 in the development of Chinese mobile phone market and consumer trends survey report shows: 60% of mobile phone users will adhere to traditional offline channel choice in the future purchase intention to buy mobile phones, open-minded for online only 40% in the minority. Another survey among existing mobile sources, the use of online channels only 15% . And the survey respondents youth at the age of user accounts for the total number of 82% , received a higher education accounted for 61% , there are a lot of low level of education and people of other ages, due to various reasons such as not active to fill in the questionnaire is not counted. According to the characteristics of these people, most of them should be more to offline purchases. In the questionnaire survey on the channels of there are a lot of Internet survey of users. Together, offline purchase is far more than the proportion of users 60% the data.

thus, Internet phone model, only the inside part of mobile phone distribution channels. Because most people don’t know this model, they knew little of mobile information, the Internet mode with suspicion, so in fact the traditional domestic mobile phone stores, the operator channels and stores still occupying most of the mobile phone market share, occupy the mainstream. And the blindness of offline store costs and consumption crowd, makes the offline mobile in terms of price is generally going to significantly more than the Internet channel. One typical example is the lenovo and oppo .

like lenovo and oppo brand companies, rely on long-term accumulation, solid offline channels and good brand image, to join some of the concepts, to marketing, it will easily MT6589T solution smartphone successful hit 3000 about the price, it is not surprising.

which is famous for its low prices of the shenzhou computer, also has strong offline channels and brand image, just put the phone to do low price, do large, its market space is also bigger than we expected.

in terms of shanzhai phones, shanzhai mobile phone manufacturer from feature phones era to the era of smart phones now, has experienced 10 years of accumulation and development. They have many years of relationship in the traditional channel network, can say not seamlessly drill, 299 ~ 799 price is their main attack price, due to the nature of shanzhai even with a less known and inferior brand is white card, to the credibility of online sales is too low. So far sales channels or concentrated to offline market user groups.

in addition, the fight between the shanzhai mobile phone manufacturer than a 799 red rice to the worst, and red rice the same configuration of shanzhai phones do price lower than the red rice, brush on beautiful MIUI , it is easier for the shanzhai mobile phone manufacturer, will soon be able to achieve.

the author specifically relates to a specializing shanzhai market information the tablet resources net friend know the situation, he told me:

the shanzhai mobile phone industry is indeed survival is not easy, but this is normal after the mature shanzhai phones development, the arrival of the red rice for them very small effect, more is between the peer pressure, and atrophy of the foreign trade business and brand transition of discomfort. Shanzhai market overall capacity, according to the changes in their business and plan of shipments, is in a seasonal rise, not fall.

in addition, shanzhai makers also very flexible in terms of business, all is the stuff into the tablet industry. Now there is a certain industry accumulation of shanzhai makers have began to attack the TV box, smart watches. But isn’t it got up very early, catch a late set, maybe.

red rice really can affect the imitation millet do Internet brand a small group of companies. This company, actually there is a big part of some speculative products of mobile solutions company. Have ability to research and development, the company has a stable traditional sales channels. Do the Internet brand is speculative pilot, dead also is life, isn’t it a shame. Once the fire because of the name “moral integrity” at that time the moral integrity of the cell phone, basic is a similar pattern, has recently been internal staff report on weibo, because of capital chain rupture, has been in bankruptcy.

the power of red rice is not so big, so a partial grade, hunger marketing of shanzhai, limited release cargo products, influence on market clearly limited. The place of its true power, is actually the tens of millions upon millions of MTK phone flash market. At present, the third-party flash software, flash elves has announced it will complete the most commercially MT6589T solution smartphone adapter beautiful MIUI work.

millet is this is an Internet company in practice their beliefs. Shanzhai machine still has a broad market space and one thousand yuan, with red rice is not much overlap.