Recruiting 3000 software engineers, foxconn bet Firefox OS


foxconn and Firefox OS and have a big news! To his new ally “sincerely,” said foxconn recently ready to hire 3000 software engineers.

for foxconn, enable some programmers, will contribute to solving the Firefox OS drive in the process of assembling and optimization problems. Professional analysis, however, behind the mass “recruiting” foxconn, there is a deeper reason.

foxconn has always been to “the world’s largest hardware processing and assembly enterprises”. As apple’s sole assembly manufacturer in the world, although little profit, but it still maintained a rapid and stable development trend. But as tensions, and apple recently, foxconn has been actively expand their business scope (see hunting cloud network reported “, “”,” “). In Firefox and OS depth cooperation at the same time, the large-scale solicit technical talent, is likely to be foxconn into software applications in the field of signal.

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Firefox OS is just the beginning of foxconn to expand, the follow-up, the company will also employ a large number of master HTML 5 and cloud computing technology of software engineering. This means that foxconn except for Firefox OS hardware assembly, and capable of producing its own “shanzhai” application and cloud services.

if an enterprise has the ability to produce hardware for others, then in an era of “content is king”, why it can’t produce the corresponding software for others? Based on the application of it technology, has been widely used for foxconn assembly by the hardware device (Firefox OS phones, Chromebooks, Windows laptops, Android tablets, etc.). In addition, by 2015, cloud computing and cloud services will create wealth of $1 trillion. In the face of such a huge market, transformation of foxconn, maybe just a matter of time before in the future.