Real-time bidding, accurate delivery, RTB is changing industry

floated on the Internet, who don’t hate ads?

but hate it, like, but had to admit: advertising is one of the most important source of profits of the Internet, and even can be said to be “free” the cornerstone of Internet service. Advertising is a “necessary evil” of the Internet industry.

in fact, not all ads are so annoying, some amazing advertising originality, and some of the ads is exactly what we focus on brand or needed products, it is convenient for our life.

don’t disgusting advertisements can have the best effect, it comes from the following two points: creativity and precision. Traditional advertising company, including the Internet display advertising companies on the first point, the second point is often unable to do this.

however, had the RTB, display ads to the bad weather.

what is the RTB advertising?

RTB full Real Time Bidding, : is the translation of real-time Bidding. This is a novel Internet advertising model of provenance from the United States. Let’s look at the RTB advertising system key link:

advertisers, DSP, Ad Exchange (SSP) – have advertising website – user

DSP is advertising the demand side platform (platform service advertisers)

the SSP is advertising platform for suppliers (currently there is no professional domestic SSP)

Ad Exchange can be understood as Ad Exchange, for DSP real-time bidding for advertising exposure

what is the traditional Internet advertising model? With almost no difference between newspaper and magazine ads, that is to sell advertising space. The RTB advertising model to study the accuracy of search advertising model, it is every time exposure, is each time the user browsing, and according to the characteristics of the user on the precision on the user’s accurate advertising.

example: users access web site A little skill, then A message (the user’s IP, advertising information on the page, etc.) will be sent to the Ad Exchange trading hall, DSP or use DSP service advertisers based on demand and its own master data, the advertising opportunities for bidding, price is high. And then to a small ant work precision advertising will appear in its open the page. Traditional advertising to sell advertisements on a rigid, RBT AD sales is the user’s every click.

according to China’s largest DSP platform product friend interaction, their platform for a bid and display advertising, need the length of only 50 milliseconds. Users would never guess that, in his own website, a ring a ring data exchange has been completed!

RTB advertising, is a classic example of big data applications. A good DSP requires huge database, can accurate analysis of advertising exposure; Also have the ability to big data processing and data real-time processing a large number of competitive bids.

big data change advertising

maybe someone will ask, since the RTB so well, why had barely heard of it before?

for many reasons, one of the most important thing is, RTB advertising technology base: big data processing, in recent years to mature. Requirements for real-time bidding mode, RTB AD DSP has powerful data processing ability.

global RTB advertising summit held on Friday, hunting cloud network had the opportunity to interview the product friend interaction CTO Shen Xuehua Sir, ask him for DSP technology architecture, RTB advertising present situation and the future.

at the university of Illinois, Mr Shen Xuehua computer doctoral graduate, has advertisers on bluekai behavior orientation data of the largest companies in the United States use of cloud computing platform based on hadoop is engaged in the development of personalized ads, user behavior analysis and modeling, the Google headquarters to work in the search algorithm. At the CTO friends interaction.

shen, friendly interaction as China’s largest DSP, the processing of data are TB level, every day to deal with about 3 billion of exposure, and the number is in rapid development, even promising breakthrough by the end of ten billion. In order to deal with large data, product friends interaction built big data processing based on open source framework Hadoop cluster. As an advertising company, product friendly interactive technology team up to 60 people. Internal rooms are named after various open source program, of course, is the name of the biggest conference room: Hadoop. With technology as the driving, is different from traditional online advertising companies of new enterprises.


product friends interaction: China RTB advertising preacher

RTB has gained outstanding achievement in the United States, advertising company, Marin has listed. Is still in its infancy in China market, RTB, can say is RTB advertising in China in 2012, the 2013 outbreak of the year. Friends can also support: product interactive hosted the first RTB summit last year, this year is the second.

RTB advertising broke out in 2013, because advertisers and industry began to gradually comprehended and try this new model. Pioneers in addition to Google and Taobao TANX (Taobao Ad Exchange), some listed companies started testing the waters of this market: sina, tencent, shanda…

in addition, a series of DSP is set up to enter the market, at present there have been dozens. Cloud network asked Mr Shen Xuehua hunting, many DSP company was set up, as China is now in China’s largest DSP, feel the pressure of competition big goods friends interaction? Mr. Shen smile to answer: on the contrary, we’re hoping for more companies to enter, only together can do RTB. And there is no competition, no innovation, industry also has little progress.

RTB as a new thing, there is still a long way to go, although accuracy is better than traditional Internet advertising on a lot, but still has a lot of improve space. There are a lot of market education needs to do much work.

in the late 90 s, the Internet advertising or new things, at that time, the advertising industry has such a joke circulating:

there are an Internet advertising company employees, one day to go to a big company looking for the business, to the boss about an hour on the information superhighway, the importance of advertising, of course also don’t forget the Internet boast again.

boss is very interested in, when the final question: “you exactly the guangshen highway, however, will put our advertisement on the wide shanyou highway?”

such jokes we won’t have now. Internet advertising has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the scale of China’s online advertising market in 2012 has been a breakthrough 75 billion! And know the RTB boss, is still not enough. The RTB advertising market space of the future will have how old?