Reading: nokia involved three trapped because she choose Microsoft

: Microsoft would buy nokia devices and services. Microsoft will pay to nokia 37.9 billion euros for their business, and will pay 16.5 billion euros for the patent. The total amount of purchase is about $7.175 billion.

nokia is one of the biggest Windows Phone phone makers, acquisitions is advantageous to the Microsoft software and hardware integration ecological system in order to promote their own mobile operating system.

Current nokia

elop abdication, temporary as executive vice President of nokia devices and services section. Nokia’s former board chairman Risto Siilasmaa as nokia transition .

Microsoft to buy nokia that sit. Are sold to Microsoft, nokia is also due to its three big reasons for this.

nokia efforts but difficult to respond to

hot day to be over. In spite of the Internet technology, the summer is generally a peaceful time, but this summer, for nokia, but particularly busy.

first launched 4000 mega pixels Lumia1020 , and then there are rumors that nokia will launch a carrying Windows RT system tablet products.

meanwhile, nokia also busy with 22.5 1 $to buy nokia Siemens wireless network of the company’s remaining stake. But this under the condition of financial strain acquisition immediately by spray:

although NSN have a certain advantage in LTE, but its technical solutions compared with other vendors, did not have much differentiation. And technology, the product is relatively single, it is difficult to form an irreplaceable effect. In terms of service, NSN start is late, technical ability and service ability are difficult to catch up with the now led by Ericsson in the field. In addition, there are emerging powers such as zte, huawei, the result of competition is estimated in the field for a long time in a state of low profit. No higher profits, r&d investment in the long term will inevitably affected, under the leadership of nokia, newborn NSN will develop into what look like, it is hard to material.

although has appeared in the media field of vision, can nokia’s share price but it’s not a big improvement. Even if the rumors that Microsoft had tried to receive nokia.

elop not allow nokia falling turnround

and a lot of reimbursing CEO , elop 2010 airborne after nokia, also made a series of measures to reduce costs. In addition to the cut nokia global 40000 employees, he also by reducing manufacturing business, adjust the r&d department, the means such as asset sales, an attempt to stop turnround. 2011 , elop made one of the most important, is to attract a lot of criticism of his decision – comprehensive switch to Microsoft’s WP system.

nokia’s latest fiscal 2013 second quarter results show that the net revenue of 5.695 billion euros, a net loss of 227 million euros. The other tech blogs TheNextWeb reported, nokia, according to earnings in the second quarter of 2013 due to its narrow income, the quarter loss of $151 million. With the decline of revenue, nokia in 44 pages of results revealed that it would cut up to 440 jobs in the global mobile department.

for nokia, is now in a survival situation. On the one hand, it will face the challenge of the blackberry, on the other hand is also facing the serious situation of the smartphone market relatively saturated, nokia, the trend of the future for a period of time the company also became a key to the fate of nokia’s overall.

capital market fully see failure

one blood “” sun quartermaster earnings, Wall Street for nokia has been empty.

“it is clear that nokia’s problems in terms of revenue. The Finnish mobile operators need to be further cut costs.” Last week, the Swedish Banks will nokia’s stock rating from “hold” down to “underweight”.

famous Wall Street research firm Sanford c. Bernstein & amp; Co pointed out: “ the company for the nokia series only increase a bit. For this mobile phone maker, it is likely to be in the third quarter this year, a devastating blow.” However, the company also sure that at the end of this year, nokia will announce further restructuring plan.

in the first two quarters this year, nokia loss narrowed, compared to the same from last year’s 18 1 $, descend to this year’s 5 1 $. However, this core business – with nokia smartphones, no relationship, but from the development of the company’s wireless business.

last week in an interview with Sweden’s four, elop said: “for nokia, outside parties a lot. From pessimism to optimism, opinions vary. However, I think the one hundred – year – old will rely on their own, for the masses tells a story of its own development.”

elop for nokia’s future has a good expectation, but he did not find the direction of nokia’s development. The said “Trojan horse” Microsoft CEO said: “nokia is going through the most painful moment, but we can still see the light bumpy road ahead. As people said: “although I don’t know, but it would be such development bottom go to, let’s wait and see.”

the fracture of cash flow

elop promise, by the end of 2013, nokia mobile phone business operating costs will be reduced to the 46 $, equivalent to 2010 years half on the high side. Swedish Banks are pointed out, however, nokia mobile phone sales decline speed, cutting speed significantly higher than the cost.

in the second quarter of this year, nokia’s mobile phones business revenue, only 2011 in the first quarter of a quarter, and at that time, nokia has just announced that give up burning platform, comprehensive switch to Microsoft.

moody’s investment company last month to nokia’s credit rating to “junk” status. Nokia mobile phone business, according to the company before 2014, will not have what good market breakthrough. Even nokia production WP sales to double digit growth, it also need at least two years to gain sustained growth “profit”. In addition, the ratings agency also pointed out that in the