Readers contribute 】 【 micro letter, you take what sweep three line?

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recently, 36 kr in hyped “WeChat 5.0 to sweep everything”. What fools think, micro letter pull entry level black hole, it is too early. Note that xiao-long zhang team ability of products is recognized in the industry, so that we don’t discuss the product level, but from the user’s cognitive level, said why want to sweep the world, also have to leave their house cleaned. Mode is actually talking about you ask 2103 Q1 to tencent micro letter brought much commercial value, or ask 400 million micro letter user, how many will use “records, and sweep the street” these seemingly cool features.

4 $user, most in third line

say first a digression, yesterday saw a piece of the mainland Taiwanese entrepreneurs, don’t let people laugh at us no ambition “core idea is:” the idea is very good, but have no way to put it into the market, and they always stare at his own ideas, not the outside world communication, there is no way to globalization.”

niche of deep sympathy for the sufferings of our compatriots in Taiwan at the same time, think if the cognition of the Taiwan compatriots in this level, may be there is nothing to be sympathetic. We all know, Chinese Internet is floating BAT such super ship, but because there is a bottomless sea. Large population of Pacific level user base is smaller than the Sun Moon Lake. Like WeChat, so the test, QQ upside down 400 million users.

what sweep everything so back to the micro letter. Even if products do to zhen to beauty, function can sweep everything, but no one can use micro letter, how to sweep everything again?

niche in line with the principle that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, asked the investigated around the installation and use micro letter of relatives, colleagues, 17 people, among them, with micro letter chat only 2 people (my parents), used version 3.0 “shake” function of nine people (a colleague said, the wife tube strict, dare not wave), and this function is commonly used, almost none. Used version 3.0 bottles of 11 people, is still in use this function. After 4.3 and used scan function of 11 people, is still commonly used almost no. Even though these is not a professional data, but enough to peculiarities.

third-tier users, use WeChat do?

this is just a small second-tier cities survey, in the three cities, WeChat users not only rarely use WIFI, Internet phone 2 g are laborious, stays at a voice chat with WeChat level. In this regard, I happen to have a say, because the niche of hometown is a medium-sized town in the north China plain. According to my observation, where WeChat pose as if holding tickets for “mobile Internet” did some arrogance.

objectively speaking, WeChat penetration rate is very high in my hometown, the popularity of Android smartphone provides objective support in hardware. But you ask, what they do with micro letter, and then “mobile search portal” and “sweep sweep, sweep out the world” is not dating. Unless, of course, does not belong to this world tencent think of my hometown.

at the time of the May Day holiday to go home go home for a visit, just to see a few side of the case.

case 1: one of my high school classmates, civil servants in small town. Life is a meal after work, games, and watching TV. I can see that their voice intercom and group chat function to him the third line users, viscosity is very high, whether it’s about dinner, about match or evil in a scold scold him, he and I together half a day, almost every ten minutes he will use a WeChat. However, if you would like to ask scan, the friend is confused about. I asked him the micro letter swept qr code? Qr code, he says, is why? Ask, what you search? Answer yue: baidu.

I think this is again but the correct answer, long search engines use habits, makes the friend to rely on baidu. In his concept of search=baidu, this is a typical example. Even after my friend want to use the scan cover, street view this kind of high-end search technology, also can choose to use baidu, and baidu also introduced the function of these earlier than micro letter.

case 2: one of my cousin, in the provincial capital, after graduation from the university back home only a fake xiangkuaicandian opened from the county seat, rushing around a few years ago. But because in dicos, makes competition, cousin don’t want to have to find his way promotion. Because the degree is higher, she is going to push through WeChat public account vouchers way to woo customers. But the roll up is placed in the store qr code, after nearly a year, just eight people for the followers, making her hair coupons?

case 3: the hunan satellite TV in the evening, my mother pointed at the qr code on the screen Angle and asked me, why use sina microblogging door side swept many times, didn’t sweep out anything? I observed a look, just understand, originally is the micro qr code. So I open the mother cell phone WeChat, ready to scan, only to find that her WeChat version or am I the first to give him a pack of version 3.0, never upgrade, can’t scan.

I know the above three cases, may be a lot of people say biased, or third-tier cities not representative. If tencent think so, I want to ask, tencent don’t give up survival grassroots users?

I don’t think that ma xiao-long zhang, not more. Can only say, tencent also didn’t think to move the bottom of the great pyramid. WeChat in the eyes of most WeChat users is a chat tool. Now talk about mobile search, entrance, is bullshit.

WeChat 3.0 version of the function is still not popularized, 5.0 sweep all of a sudden come up with barcode, book, CD covers, street view scan, user estimates more fog. Advanced features only spire users, that is, urban white-collar workers, and if only urban white-collar workers, then WeChat O2O value may be not as large as the analysis of some people.