Read apple M7 and motorcycle by 8 processor of the meaning behind it

today is an amazing time. Most of us have comprehensive functions, advanced technology of mobile electronic devices. Because of them, the human life becomes more colorful, light. However, throughout the vast mobile electronic devices, but we are not difficult to find their own there is a flaw or failing – battery time is too short.

previous processor is irritable, not initiative

the mobility of electronic equipment and battery life seems to be a pair of contradiction. With the strengthening of CPU processing speed, our smart devices can run the program (application) is also more and more, at the same time, people put forward higher requirements for hardware equipment. Although the chip core hardware update speed has been according to Moore’s law, to electronic equipment power battery life didn’t catch up with the pace of them. To this end, a lot of people come up with a number of ways. Some electronic devices is increased by the number of batteries to improve the battery life, but it destroyed the lightweight characteristics of mobile devices. A more clever way is to use to build quality chips, with priority processing method, to a certain extent, reduce the energy consumption. However, even in this case, there are still some general processor, the need to keep running. To sum up, the above approach is irritable, not the initiative.

apple coprocessor M7 with MOTOROLA by 8 architecture – mobile electronic devices the saviour of his life

however, apple’s M7 coprocessor and MOTOROLA by 8 architecture, brings us some new hope. More than two processor architecture is quite clever and efficient. Their patterns through in a different environment, start the different processors. Most notably, they are not running some applications because it is over, and keep in the traditional sense of the CPU power consumption equipment.

Android and iPhone 5 s: two horses “horse” because the road conditions produced different with

if the MOTOROLA MotoX and apple iPhone 5 s compared to the two horses, so by 8 architecture processor and M7 coprocessor, are like two smart and efficient motor. However, because they were running in different platform (operating system) on the “road”, and produces different difference.

has a closed ecosystem, apple can fully grasp the two aspects of hardware and software. At the same time, the perfect fusion of both sides, can let M7 processor, such as play the biggest advantage of the effect. As the Android open source system, by contrast, is because the system with hardware devices such as various ecological fragmentation, and caused the situation of “no response”.

, for example, not long ago, Google introduced a barometer for the Nexus equipment. The move is in order to improve the location precision and speed. However, because not carry Android devices used are barometer, so not all Android users can enjoy this service. Of course, no barometer doesn’t make ordinary users feel the worry, only when you use GPS, speed slower, more energy consumption.

today, MOTOROLA by 8 institutions match the apple M7 approach is the most promising one. But because Android fragmentation problem in the system, similar to handled by 8 architecture and it is difficult to spread.

although one step ahead of apple, Android is catching up

we see by 8 architecture is Google and MOTOROLA, into a symbol in the field of “environmental processor”. One day, the other equipment maker of Android can also through code or API, similar in handling the architecture by 8. With open system towards the final unification, the Android will with low energy consumption, high performance processor, as well as many Allies of wisdom, and have the qualitative leap on the performance.

meaning: improve the battery life is not just that simple

if you think the new processor can only improve the battery life, then your thinking is narrow. Similar to the M7 system processor and by 8 processor environment, can let our smart devices have “situational understanding function”. It automatically users use environment perception, walking, working medium (plane), and provide customized interactive form, also is what I said above the processing means of initiative. Not only that, but it can also comprehensive local weather, traffic and other environmental factors, present a valuable information for the user (recommended).

scene processors will bring new direction for the development of the intelligent device. Is not only the increase of the performance, it is a typical example of human-computer interaction.