Quick review: @ Mr Luo is always win!

cloud network hunting on March 27, fast review

Mr Luo hammer hasn’t open up, he had already won!

media put stall in the high school, and to open shish kebab shop, selling medicinal materials, do futures, sales of computer accessories, engaged in literary creation, then becoming the teacher of new Oriental school, the whole experience is very unusual. Founded in new Oriental, bullog or write biography, Mr Luo is crown of “the humorous style and temperament of highly idealistic appeal”.

Mr Luo is an idealist?

admirers say! Because he is the whole life is a hard time with this bastard world, can. The light of the idealism is stepping the Siemens, fang after the seeds on the “body” of the past. Mr Luo pretend bility of dripping wet under the powerful effect of social media scene – Mr Luo is not be realistic hammer to smash!

although Mr Luo everyday self-mockery, fans are very like very craze. In their eyes: Mr Luo is a lower the price, real, don’t pack to force people. That is their life sustenance.

Mr Luo is an extremely hate?

“fang to walk on the Internet for so many years, because of the confusion, confused mind, or simply because they don’t like his sharp style, and countless criticized his * *, this help a fool view has never affect my judgment. But I also gradually find, even among people who always support his career, also have a lot of people because of fang in the world (of course refers to and is the principle of the parts without conflict, otherwise I also no need to say) aspects of mental retardation and low-energy and extreme hate him. A school of science living from academic misconduct hero, career more than a decade, the results because of the convenience of retarded low-energy, made him in those even the moral support of his people and abhorred god ghost, this is the classic “science stupid boy” (said there may be some typical injury and innocent, that I have ever seen in the school of science living, like fang hate wood bumps is rare), considering the best in his career and life in the huge contrast between low-energy, can think he is the legendary idiot genius.”

this is Mr Luo why write their own hate fang a paragraph. As it is written, the people don’t like Mr Luo for the evaluation of Mr Luo also so roughly: narcissism, low eq, single-minded.

admirers to absorb them in the eyes of the positive energy from Mr Luo, averse to dinner also do not forget to Mr Luo weibo for two bad review. “Double” Mr Luo earned enough attention. But in this era of information explosion, the attention is scarce, is valuable.

do the Internet phone, must understand a truth, a millet proven successful reason, never lack of domestic small white users, there are many see eye only forever without discrimination to the user. You don’t believe in the hammer it doesn’t matter, because you in itself is not a hammer’s target group. Say that they have a fever, is really can have a fever? Dig a hole to the user’s psychology, the most work to employ small white consumers in China.

Mr Luo is like a pool, the huge flow of each concern he were a visitor. So, regardless of whether Mr Luo is intentionally, also whether this hammer or rings, will not affect Mr Luo is always the result of victory.

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