Qualcomm Xiao dragon battery master 2.0: has a “learning ability” butler!

smartphones life problem has always been a headache for a lot of users. At present, limited by technology and hardware conditions, we can do is try to through some methods, to reduce unnecessary power consumption. Today, xiao yun will introduce you to a mobile applications – from qualcomm Xiao dragon master battery 2.0 (Snapdragon BatteryGuru 2.0).

the application of this kind and released in May this year the biggest characteristic is the “learning” function. Specifically, Xiao dragon master battery can be within a few days after the installation of “mastery” users use habits, and thereafter automatically adjust the application update and wi-fi connection, etc. For example, when a user after leaving the indoor, originally open wi-fi has always been in the running state, and often remind you whether to connect to wireless signal nearby. The result is that the wi-fi wasted a lot of power of the phone. And installed Xiao dragon master cells after 2.0, it can automatically perceive a different location, environment and time, according to “learning” to the user habit, to automatically open or close the wi-fi.

more difficult is that with the increase of users use time, this kind of its learning ability has been enhanced. As official wrote in a statement: “become the most simple energy battery housekeeper” user.

recently Xiao dragon master battery 2.0 release. Added more notification and feedback the new application functions. It can timely remind consumer to charge, and real-time display the user mobile phone power remaining amount.

however, fly in the ointment is that at present the application only supports the carrying qualcomm chip devices.