Qr code hidden traps Do you still dare to sweep?

Beijing news dispatch (reporter Liao Ailing) with cell phones on the qr code sweep out “, “to bring people convenient also hide a lot of security risks. , yesterday issued a consumer warning pair, exposing the qr code hidden virus, deduction, steal address book and bank card information, such as trap, remind consumers don’t “see code scanning,” mobile phone qr code online shopping, payment, more careful.

scan qr code may be dyed the virus

qr code is now in the shopping, query information is more and more widely used, even street small advertisement also use the qr code.

pair points out, with the aid of qr code spread malicious web site, release the illegal activities such as mobile phone viruses also begins to increase gradually. A lot of lack of consumer awareness, see the qr code will pick up the phone, flicking a a pat. Little imagine, once the scan qr code by mobile phones directly download applications having been contaminated with the virus, the mobile phone will encounter trouble; Scanning hangs the Trojan is the content of the website, may steal private information, such as consumer mobile phone address book, bank card number or even be disorderly buckle fee, consumption of Internet traffic. Like tianjin a lau in scan qr code in group-buying, because the mobile phone virus is contained in qr code, leading to cell phones are to deduct the cost of $one hundred.

phone best fitted with qr code detection tools

the special pair tips, best on a mobile phone to install a qr code detection tools, can automatically detect whether the qr code contains malicious web sites, mobile phones, Trojan or malware download links and other security threats, and remind consumers to download and install carefully. Suggest that consumers choose qr code read from safe and reliable sources, qr code of unknown origin, especially in roadside advertising, the elevator advertising, advertising flyer, unknown website qr code, don’t blindly scanning, if the code is necessary, to early detection.

in addition, when using mobile payment function, be sure to see the website domain name, don’t click on the repeated automatic window page, such as mobile phone and bank card binding, don’t store too large amount of money inside the card, to avoid a chain reaction.

Analysis of


qr code to generate a simple unsupervised

according to pair, qr code is malicious fee, will happen fraud behavior, such as a simple is its generation, content without supervision. On the network at present have a lot of qr code software, convenient online generator people make qr code, almost no threshold, also for the mobile Trojan or malicious software maker, open the door, through this way they can instantaneous malicious download links to the qr code conversion.

in addition, the qr code hidden Trojan virus, criminals will take toxic or plug-in url to generate a qr code, declared for the coupons, software or video, etc., to induce the user scans. Which specifically for mobile Internet users means of fraud, is to use force to download, install, application software, to achieve the purpose of to obtain promotion expenses or malicious deduction.