QQ space push the new mobile end tomorrow To accelerate the commercialization

(editor: qing nan)

for QQ space has 626.4 million users, it has become the nation’s largest social networking platform. Today, on the mobile end month active users has reached 357 million, large user volume also began to make the project team to start thinking.

the latest news, according to the QQ space will be released tomorrow officially released android version 4.0 (also may be on the same day to launch the iPhone version). Is different from the previous version, in addition to new function optimization, the biggest characteristic is introduced a “canary” services, value-added services, which means that the movement begun to speed up the commercialization of the product.

we are familiar with QQ value-added service system. “Canary” is the noble user QQ space, enjoy the free space of ordinary dress up, TeGongPin crazy discount (more than LV2 canary noble free use TeGongPin), space props free nyc, canary baby exclusive adoption, 5 ~ 50 g mass noble album (canary level is different, also different albums capacity), VIP, custom upload channel space character image, video log online recording, mini house items for free use, and many other privileges. The service in the PC has been quite mature, and was very successful. Now, in the mobile terminal also will be able to enjoy. That is to say, yellow diamonds from the PC side to move the migration.

“canary” main service

to the mobile phone QQ space version 4.0 is a new milestone. It is understood that in this version, canary service function mainly reflects in the nearly 10 service:

(1) : character dynamic background: dynamic background is one of the important innovations version 4.0, a total of 8 deputy dynamic background, five vice is canary.

(2) : wonderful space on: published about, but to use a simple word, still can use to very interesting figure.

(3) : multicolored bubbles say: published about can use bubbles form display, dynamic page look more interesting.

(4) human face expression: can make their own avatar a expression.

(5) in addition to canary watermark, sign in expression, canary gift, vine, blocked visitors canary services, etc.

new push reading center

in version 4, 0, QQ space mobile version of “reading center” service function has been added, at present mainly news and information, science and technology, fashion, entertainment, and five categories of life, all kinds of channel to show the user the information in the form of state space, the avoidance of the mobile version of the QQ space to join the user fragmentation reading battle.

understands from tencent internal, the first batch of 30 in media officer, will be invited to the next version will gradually open to more media and the media.

which is part of the tencent open platform media. In July of this year’s conference open platform, tencent has announced the release of full opening-up strategy will cover tencent, such as mobile phone QQ, QQ space platform. 2 months later, the media opening-up strategy finally began to enter the QQ space.

other new features

QQ space inside the speed of innovation has always been in the lead. In addition to the above functions, in version 4.0 also added home page dynamic figure personality, favorites, check-in, and the integration of embedded watermark camera services such as the new template.