Qihoo 360 frequent liao SAO Dozen tiger alliance 5 v1


in the near future, the Internet, start from sogou war of 360, has successively with tencent, baidu, millet, jinshan to join the war, today the Internet appeared a dozen tiger alliance 5 v1 rare sight. With “dozen tiger brother, father and son play soldiers” to describe today’s industry pomp is very fit.

360 Internet is restless, it is the existence of the 360 other Internet giants maintained a crisis consciousness, at the same time also by 360 to other giants play a role of checks and balances, let those with other majors in which small and medium-sized enterprises can find a backer. Naughty, 360 in the Internet industry has played a very important catfish effect.

before and sogou conflicts intensified, qihoo 360 has already happened and jinshan, tencent, millet, baidu the fierce conflict, this time at the same time open and sogou liao SAO the baidu, tencent, millet, and trigger the care group counter-offensive, enter a state of siege, 360 instant from and occupy the upper hand, sogou war until now were forced back to the corner.

360 successively within a week to sogou, tencent, baidu, millet and jinshan attack, with sogou battle because PC browser default Settings; Struggle with tencent’s because 360 mobile phones guard prompt Q Q browser “security holes”; With contradiction is because baidu outbreak in plants vs zombies 2 users and 360 mobile phone assistant on for misleading hint uninstall baidu map events; With millet have deteriorated again is also because of the 360 mobile phone assistant prompts to mislead users uninstall millet app store; And jinshan is the question of 360 security guards intercepted and induced malicious users delete jinshan software installation package.

360 militant known, but before 360 are choose one-on-one hit, and one never eat too much loss, why the 360 to frequent liao SAO each big home? At the same time to deal with the five giants, 360 strong is not likely to occupy the upper hand again, exactly what is the purpose of 360, now is still unknown, may also be Zhou Hongyi dull panic, practice training be free and at leisure.

has violated sogou, tencent, baidu, millet, the interests of the jinshan 360 finally triggered fierce rebound, while strongly condemned 360 have filed a lawsuit. 360 of provocation and hate tooth itch, but can’t do anything again for 360, strongly condemned or resort to the law on public relations can cause substantial blow to 360. Perhaps battle-hardened 360 already see through this, even if the opponent backlash nor for his cause actual combat, it can improve their exposure, literally means two rivals can chicken fly a dog to jump, let ran after the media exposure, he le 360?

there are too many small white users at home, even if each unite to advocate a boycott of 360, also won’t let the users to give up 360 product, that is afraid to rivals compete 360 capital. Unless you use the 3 q war tencent a choice, but it is not from the legal policy, so 360 is without fear very much. 360 is a miracle of domestic Internet enterprises, may never find a company can cause group against the giants, can separate deal with baidu, tencent enterprise few and far between, while 360 dare against baidu, tencent, sogou, millet and jinshan, zhou “artillery” in red fruit not wave get hollow reputation.

the facts have proved that in the public relations and legal battle is not to have the real effect of 360, the fire to burn only if you want to cure 360 to 360 on the base of safety assistant. Fundamental to once and for all, so in 360 start fires at the same time, tencent, baidu has successively introduced security software application, and the more involved with Jin Shanyue.

after to break away from the sogou, 360 also lost sohu thoroughly the Allies. The 3 q war, sohu backed 360 Zhou Hongyi were touched, now even reached 360, sohu to 360 more and more lonely. 360 total to hit others jobs do not too honest, it is no wonder that the major Internet companies consistent attitude toward 360 this is so. Now you can clearly see the Internet industry has formed to tencent, baidu, sogou, millet, jinshan shown league for the framework, can have substantial effect also depends on subsequent performance. And more and more isolated qihoo 360 is changing style detente, or, as usual, liao SAO belligerent, is also very worthy of attention.

article/Wang Liyang

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