Putting new wine into new bottles: Bing change Logo, aspires to be an encouraging innovation platform

Microsoft Bing Logo update!

last year, Microsoft Logo redesigned for 25 years. In addition to adopting new font, the most striking is Microsoft’s first joined the icon in the Logo symbol – a four different colors of square square. The red squares represent Office, blue represents the Windows, green represents the Xbox, and yellow at the time was a mystery. But today, as Microsoft released a new Bing logo, we know that square represents the golden color is Bing search.

from this Logo, we see the new Logo change before bending, soft fonts, replaced by a more stylized, sharp. Bing, head of the department user experience design Lawrence xvii-xviii scheer (Lawrence Ripsher) said in an interview: “after the dozens of color contrast test, we chose you can see golden. Now Bing logo more modern.”

in addition to the change of the Logo, Microsoft Bing also launched a series of update function.

new applicable to PC, tablet, mobile phone and so on multiple platforms responsive design

Microsoft has yet to modify from the bottom to Bing, so it can better adapt to the PC, tablet, mobile phone and so on multiple platforms. () in addition to excellent function combination of some former buried, Bing will let search results present mechanism become more perfect. In addition, Bing daily pictures will continue as the search portal.

more intelligent, intuitive search results presentation

a very prominent new features is “Page Zero”. When a user at some words search, Bing before can be done on the entire page is loaded, to provide users with a relevant information quickly. As long as the user input words in the search bar, Page Zero will automatically appear. Users to search, for example, the names of the characters similar to another person, then Page Zero block can help users locate the man you need.

another new feature is the “Pole Position”. This is the concept of intelligent, very straightforward search. Users to search, for example, the term “what’s the weather like in New York”, so at the top of the result list, will first appear a Pole Position, for the user to present at the moment is the weather in New York.

Further social search

in addition, Bing will also put “snapshot” and “sidebar” function integrated into a single view, so that you can in the search results, see from Twitter and Facebook friends to share the information.

Bing platform — an encouraging innovation platform, and don’t want to become a Google

bing is in the stage of history the old icon back

Microsoft Bing search executive Stefan Weitz (Stefan Weitz) said in an interview, “Bing will become a encourage innovation open search platform, our ultimate goal is not to become a Google.”

on the one hand, by using Microsoft Bing with Windows 8.1 further depth integration, let Bing won the Windows so that a solid foundation, on the other hand, with apple’s gains an enemy, with the Facebook social networking sites such as collaboration, also let Bing won a broader development space. In addition, Bing also open to third-party developers API, so that they will Bing integration into their own applications. As he puts it: “for web search, and other industries, not money can burn out. We need to encourage innovation, innovation rather than buy. Even if you can use the money to buy, it’s a wrong model.”