Pure Android experience: the original version of the HTC one, the Galaxy S4 comprehensive evaluation

in recent years, and seems to be in according to a predetermined formula. Google side such as samsung, HTC, LG and SONY mobile equipment manufacturers act in an opera in “plays”, allowing them to customize Android occupation of the market; On the other hand, also in a positive and these partners, let a group of native Android mobile phone to meet the masses of users. Such as the Nexus series products, as Google “son”, without the support of operators, both without OEM customized services. Such a pure Android mobile phone, in today’s mobile devices in the market is undoubtedly the “wonderful work”.

this year, as a flagship phones and, as the leading “king” in the Android market. They have all the elements of the user’s dream: the processor speed, big and beautiful screen, LTE and exquisite external design. Of course, like their predecessors, these come from OEM name-brand computer, always built in some “uninvited” customized applications.

however, Google this year also and HTC, samsung cooperation, launched two pure version of the Android mobile phone. Although the name is the same as the ultimate mobile phone, but no HTC Sense, such as Samsung TouchWiz customized “skin”.

both native Android mobile phone price 649 dollars respectively (Galaxy s4) and $599 (HTC One). No operator subsidies, there is no brand, no OEM custom application, the two cell phones is what we are looking forward to already a long time, the configuration of the highest ever native Android mobile devices.

built-in custom application of mobile phone is not nearly as native Android mobile phone? Let me take you compare the two groups in all aspects of the mobile phone.

new software (application), the old hardware

first of all, let’s sum up the native version (native Android) and custom version of some of the differences in shape and configuration. Original version of the Galaxy S4 mobile logo from the original “Galaxy S4” shortened to “Samsung”, and is placed on the back of mobile phone. And native version of the HTC One still retains a “beatsaudio” sign (native HTC One support beatsaudio function).

overall, original edition did not too much of a difference with a customised version. They can support AT& T and LTE services provided by t-mobile, but in actual use, the original version of the Mobile phone in networking speed slightly inferior, the inability to use t-mobile AWS HSPA + desired maximum speed). In addition, they all have NFC function, infrared interface, camera, the same processor, radio function, speakers, screen and so on. HTC One (native Android version, OEM custom version) of memory is 32 gb, although the two version of the Galaxy S4 memory is only half the HTC of the former One, but with a SD card expansion slots.

however, the same hardware configuration also has brought the two phones “mixed” user experience feedback.

HTC One, elegant design style, let it become the Android market “enjoyable” mobile phone. In addition, big screen, decibel speakers, also let the HTC One compared with other rival products, more high-quality senior. , however, is not willing to “is the old conventional” “full metal jacket seamless design” does make custom and native editions of HTC One to get up early late delivery delay.

and samsung, LG, Nokia mobile phone, HTC One power button is placed at the top of the cell phone. As a result, the average user in a single handset, it is difficult to touch the power button. For large screen mobile phone, place the power button on the user’s single hand can touch the fuselage side, is a more reasonable design approach. In addition, the HTC One weed out the design of the physical “menu”, will cause not smooth to the user experience. While Google has been advocating “the virtual keyboard + gestures”, but the habit of mobile phone OEM is not easy to change. Perhaps ideally, developers will respond to Google “no menu” proposal, but the reality is that samsung as the biggest shipments in Android phone, still insisted on keeping “menu”. Thus, in the actual cases, the developers will seldom to Google and HTC One, such as cell phone without the “menu” design and adjust the development of the application.

in addition, the HTC One button layout also let a person feel “not understanding”. In addition to get rid of the multitasking button, it will also be key Home page (Home) on the right hand side. This design of subversion user habit, make the use of the HTC One is “weird”. For example, when you install a support Google “complete virtual buttons” game application design, bottom of the phone’s screen will appear expand the Menu Settings button – a single “silly big roughness” Menu button. While the application is reducing the number of games can be every appear, can let users hate “controlling”.

native version of the design style of the Galaxy S4 and, there is no difference between a customised version, slimy feeling of mobile phone back cover and imitation metal edge of the appearance of mobile phones and can barely known as aesthetic idea is the medium level. At the beginning of the test, my colleague David Pierce has said that the Galaxy S4 extremely bad first impression to the person. Frankly, I quite agree with his point of view, but compared with the HTC One, it is with practical made up for the inadequacy of appearance. Can take the back cover of convenient user change the battery and SD card, the traditional three key design (menu, home page button, return key) and native Android perfect combination. Although the quantity is limited, the Galaxy S4 infrared intensifier, can have very well with third-party applications. Native version, by contrast, HTC One user can’t enjoy this functionality, but Google said that the future will launch the corresponding software to support the service.

performance and simple degree

since the original version and custom version of the mobile phone no difference in terms of hardware, then, we should look at these two sets of mobile phone cameras in the performance of the situation. Obviously, as the HTC One and Galaxy S4 a big selling point of mobile phone camera application, samsung and HTC are for their mobile phone offers the best customized hardware and software. Especially in the customized version of the HTC One and Galaxy S4, from OEM software for users in the use of mobile phones, providing a special experience. Let’s take a look at the two phones what provides us with the camera: the Galaxy S4 has a 13000000 megapixel camera, and also provides a lot of functionality (many of them are slick stunt). HTC, by contrast, One has more “adventure”, known as the “super pixels” camera “to” take pictures of high quality night function, to compensate for the low pixels “embarrassment”.

from my personal use different phone, customised version and the original version of the mobile phone in the imaging resolution and color reproduction is not too big gap. Especially is automatically set by default, this subtle gap, if you think any eye alone is difficult to determine.

but taken in different conditions, different versions of the mobile phone also exists some differences. Such as in the night shooting, customized version of the HTC One with “ultra low light mode”, and than the original version of the HTC One photograph of a scene more clearly. In addition, in terms of video recording, customized version of the HTC One and Galaxy S4 color reduction is slightly better than the original version of the performance of the mobile phone.

I cannot judge samsung and HTC in their mobile phone cameras made much effort, but in some small ways to see that they are indeed efforts in image processing. In the process of evaluation, I found the original edition of the Galaxy S4 obvious shutter lag phenomenon, and in a customised version of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One doesn’t exist in this BUG.

in addition, a customised version of the mobile phone also provides users with larger image control space: the white balance correction, shutter control, exposure control and model number are countless preset (filter). However, given that implement these functions required by the technical and cost input, their main significance is to provide users with more practical.

in the user experience, Google “sons” are also need to continue to work hard. Although the original version of the mobile phone also comes with some Settings, but based on circle type control panel, how many somewhat inconvenient. Although Nexus4 has made some fine tune, but I think that is not enough to solve the problem. In a word, to some extent, the customized version of the HTC One and Galaxy S4 is mobile phone camera equipment in accordance with the standards of the camera is doing. The native Android version of the mobile phone was lost in the old concept of “mobile phone camera” “trap”.

the same performance

based on the different versions, and the same version of different kinds of mobile phone after the test, we found them in performance and speed. , “critical” what, if anything, so I can only say that the native version of the Galaxy S4 slightly better than factory agreed plate-making native version of the HTC One’s performance.

in terms of battery life, different versions of the mobile phone has some differences. After the battery test standard, our surprise, we found that the original version of the mobile phone battery can support 6 hours of uninterrupted web browsing screen brightness (65%), than custom version of mobile phone batteries. And customized version of the mobile phone, HTC One is slightly longer than the battery life of the Galaxy S4.

Google “skin”

if you haven’t used the Nexus is a class, so when you see with the original version of the Android 4.2.2 equipment, must have found it than other Android devices is more fresh and clean. Although in recent years, the TouchWiz and Sense of style has become soft, but when a so-called core application pop up, still can let users feel uncomfortable. Google, by contrast, the primary equipment is inconsistency dropped to the lowest. At least from a personal point of view, Google calendar and SMS design very accord with my taste. Concise, elegant, practical is the user in the use of native version of the mobile phone, throughout the experience of feelings.

although some people may be fantasizing about HTC and samsung will change the Android interface beyond recognition, but in my opinion, no matter what so-called innovation design, they are worse than Google native style of aesthetic style better.

have to admit that, at present the design of the Android mobile phone also seem to be some contradictions. Even Google native the ICONS in the mobile phone, also somewhat from a whim. Copy and paste set of weird, when the user presses down never know to choose which area. Some application with the method of edge sliding the user back to the menu, and other applications have very different ways. Press the back button, the Android often take you to a strange place. All this slightly random design, let the user feel difficult to express its surface, and also a drag on the overall user experience.

see Google recently launched an updated version of Gmail, Hangouts, Google +, all of these application seems to have not found a unified design style. As Android’s chief designer, matthias Duarte, (Matias Duarte) in September last year have said: “if from the aspects of consistency, responsiveness and pure benign Android, so up to now, I only a third of the dream.” Sometimes, Android is like a toddler, two steps forward in one direction, but the next step and don’t know go to where to go. In contrast, no matter what will the future of iOS development, apple seems to be more determined their own style.

as for software, although not pure to amount to determine the wheat from the chaff, but some small differences between different versions of mobile phone, will cause certain influence to the user experience. For example, in the original version of the Galaxy S4 Google Earth and Google Wallet application does not appear in the same as in the original version of the HTC One. Although HTC One can download Google Earth, Google Wallet but cannot be used because of the mismatch problems. In fact, strictly speaking, the above two paragraphs native mobile phones are also many with a customised version of “genetics”. Original version of the Galaxy S4 still contain TouchWiz some functions, such as S – View the Flip Cover. But also retain the original edition HTCOne magic sound function, but the magic sound of customised version is much better than the original version of the performance function. The reason will appear this kind of “problem left over from history”, the reason is very simple, although is a native version of the mobile phone, but they also are made by the third party outside of Google.

let’s sum up the advantages and disadvantages of the two original version of the Android

native HTC one