Prounce: with the help of image recognition technology through online goods

don’t know whether you also encountered such a situation: on a poster, saw a special choice of small objects. But love shopping, you do not have seen any sellers selling this product on the Internet. In this way, or you will follow the address in the poster, run to the store to buy, or simply very reluctantly give up.

is there an application can get through online and offline, let us see things in the life, can easily find and buy online?

, Reuters reported an Israeli company called “BuyCode, invented a application to solve the above problems.

this app named “”. According to the company’s CEO Avital Yachin explained: “the picture to scan products (or bar code), Pounce can identify the item information, and to jump to the electricity business mobile web site, so as to allow the user to complete the purchase process.”

as a connecting line and offline on the bridge, the main commission revenues generated by users to buy.

it is understood that the application is support online retailer partners include: Staples () is a leading global office supplies company, Target Corp (Target department store, is the second to the wal-mart retail department store group), Toys “R” Us Inc (Toys “R” Us, is one of America’s large multinational toy chain), Ace Hardware Corp, the world’s well-known Hardware tools retailers).

actually, electricity giant, such as eBay and amazon had started to use this commodity image recognition technology. Such as eBay has unveiled a called eBay Fashione applications. The eBay Fashion can be in after the commodity that users to upload images, automatic matching for the user of the product material, color and style. But another application RedLaser, allows users to scan qr code or commodity photograph, to find the corresponding network retail address for the user. Amazon has also had launched a similar application, called “Flow”. By the user to upload pictures, you can get the corresponding information introduce goods (video or audio).

eBay entrepreneurial Innovation group (Innovation and New Ventures) vice President Steve jankovic (Steve Yankovich) predicts that in the next decade, image recognition technology to achieve seamless docking in the field of electricity. In an interview, he said: “the image recognition technology is the key, identify and describe objects of any kind in the world, even the consumers can’t distinguish things.”

currently, Pounce can identify commodities include books, DVDS, and video (for example, the lollipop or oatmeal, etc.). Users to upload pictures, you can see related products, commodity purchase and implement network.

however, Yachin, also said they are currently developing the application of the identification of a species is relatively single. He said: “on expanding our scope of recognition Pounce and ability, need a longer time. Because, the establishment of such an application, must have a powerful data support.”

currently, Pounce only supports the iPhone 3 gs (above), and only within the scope of the users can enjoy this service (future planned to extend to Canada and Europe). In addition, the Flow of amazon and eBay Fashion are free applications, and has been released in the United States and around the world, respectively.

download Pounce: