Professionals talk about readers contribute 】 【 operations: too heavy a KPI will collapse

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute five lu

9 years graduation, 10 at the end of the year in Internet operations, more than two years, has some of his own understanding to the operation, please let me straight chest.

KPI paradox. An Internet company, regardless of the size, in theory, can be gradually improving operation personnel KPI set goals to achieve solid or stride development. As you know, in fact, some companies in this case it is difficult to maintain and even collapse. There are two indicators is crucial, operating personnel’s personal ability and business “reasonable degree”.

there are a lot of definition of the Internet, my understanding is that the executor of the rules.

PM , technology (design, etc.), operating corresponding rules of designers, implementers, practitioners, the world of the Internet, in this case, the rule is the product, the product itself is to maintain a regular expression form.

operation in these type of work is relatively weak, because of its strong alternative and the use of instrumental weak two aspects. The ability to use tools aside, everyone has the ability to design a rule, this is also the basis of “everyone is the product manager”.

“reasonable degree” of the business that the rules of reasonable degree. Our common “operating duty is to improve the optimizing process, my personal reservations, in addition to the execution of the rules of the operation of natural comes with a responsibility is to improve the optimizing the business process as well as the business itself – the details of the rules and the rules themselves.

this is not easy, however, people and the line of sight more focus on the current target. If it is not the company’s decision makers, perhaps as an operating personnel, it is difficult for us to from “how to make the company develop better” “how”… Optimizing the company’s products and to think in terms of business, but also make their work more easily and more fun.

11 years, reading, as I was caught off guard by Beijing university the student hard, efficient statistics, precise analysis ability, but always feel strange. Read until a bulk.

, 7 in group-buying rise, and saw some views on the net, I also try to make analysis to group-buying, xiaowen hundreds of words, the meaning is: in a bulk chain shops, customer, web site to ensure that their basic interests in it, but it is implied a nature, meager profit but high turnover, sales did not increase, the inability to provide additional bonus) under the condition of the actual increase the workload of shop staff, will be for the whole group chain of a specific part of the interests of the damage and cause not the harmonious factor.

this running ideas may tend to look at the whole.

douban is a respectable company. The north said that “, “I understand so.

rules require practitioners, no matter what is the mode of execution, the objective is to make the rules will continue normal proceed smoothly. Watercress watercress community as a product, the company may not be directly personnel in operating this product, but as a lot of online friends say, in the community groups administrator is the executor of the rules, they can play very well.

if douban company introduced advertisers to douban community through precise marketing revenues, so douban community rules of product and increase the role of advertisers. Group administrator cannot complete negotiation with advertisers, the maintenance work, and should finish this part of the work, whether market advertising sales, operations are actually do live – “douban community advertisers” in the new rules. The importance of rules, of course, a reasonable degree of nots allow to ignore.

optimize business processes and business itself, put forward to optimize the business itself is part of the operating point of view is not raising expectations for operation. I want to express the meaning is very simple, I understand it, “run” the definition of the word, as for it, right, what is the role, think differently.

this view and my own career planning, as a result, although I reeled in that direction, has done so far, but will continue to explore. My previous experience, is willing to share with you, for a chat.

in a video company operations, focusing on the activities of planning execution. New head office, weekly meetings, individual colleagues take turns to say about the activities of the idea. I mentioned a, after discussion is no. Is roughly such,

the theme: video community and three or four lines (prefecture-level city television station, based on the area of local online singing competition.

basis of cooperation: 1. the basis of local television stations have developed their own independent entertainment will (need to survey, or for pseudo requirements).

2. if a local television station development independent of entertainment, have the funds, local effects, media, and many other considerations.

3. cooperation, local television stations to provide local propaganda and other support.

4. video community of users is based on three or four line city people. Solid concentration development in a region, mode, if successful, can be extended to the country. Such activities is the embodiment of the positive image. Activities to guide mass prepaid phone buy virtual items like players, part of the revenue. Whether the revenue and local TV stations FenRun, considered separately.

5. video community network game platform, technical support, planning and execution.

6. the network game of less capital requirements; Online game based on local, participate in the threshold low, word of mouth effect is obvious, the crowd began to more fresh, the related decision-making have the result of “active construction of spiritual civilization”; Emerging Internet industry with three or four line city extend traditional way of life, is a guide to media reports.

difficult points: 1. local TV station. If you don’t agree with, it is hard policy conflict or policymakers factors, presence of room for everything.

2. local people whether to accept. Results if the acceptance is not high, can through the government’s willingness, from institutions in the region of the online singing competition, format in the progressive, open and lower entry conditions, in order to achieve the goal of gradually attract more people.

3. technology can realize the network game on TV, can further improve in terms of definition, to reach the corresponding TV picture quality.

cut direction: attaching importance to and give full play to the local old video community user of energy.

then we put forward the discussion of many difficulties, in the end because we are to achieve this cooperation in terms of test is only based on the ability of our department. In fact, the cooperation is more like a conventional strategic development direction, need very strong support.

personal vigilant lazy, has not been too much struggle in office also adhere to. As the “operational” examples, clap clap brick, everyone laughed be.

I operations such as first love.

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