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this paper hunting cloud network readers The author is sina weibo senior operations manager xin-zheng liu

Page is weibo key projects this year, but because across the sector is very much, so even if in is within the company, it is strange to many people also, to find a perfect answer to this question, don’t too easy, although I am a big part of doing this, but I may still not be the most suitable person to answer this question, which is where tearing……

since late last year the company to reconsider the relationship between the Internet here, institutions, interest, and advance the process of internal called “Page”, in addition to individual users, we increase the agency on the platform (enterprises), media and interest points (music) film book where things are two roles, and reframe as between two nodes “praise”, “attention”, the “subscribe” three kinds of relationships.

I am responsible for project operation, promote user Page is the Page Page of personal user Profile Page (now) into a person’s exhibition center or the network operations center, rather than a weibo can only watch history. , for example, you access to a singer’s weibo page, you can see the TA works of music, you can hear the TA works, you visit a writer’s weibo page, you can see the publication of the TA works, and complete the online reading or order for a visit to a known by the author of the page, you can see him on zhihu q&a. Further, will also business cooperation with a third party, make TA page business center, such as the store display, business consulting, etc.

why do it? Because weibo have a person’s biggest web portal, you want to know a person, what is the fastest way? Visit his weibo. But just look at the history of his weibo is not enough, if we can put him in other places to do worthwhile, creating valuable content integration, the microblogging is undoubtedly a better reveal the place of personal public image, this is equivalent to we built to give each user a personal stand, a through PC and mobile station can convenient access to individual, it can help users better show themselves, can also help others to quickly understand the users better, this is the value of the project to the user.

image display, a user’s personal Page is also likely to become his business center, this may be a more valuable part, when you know a person through weibo, can provide service to him may be more interested in, such as for a digital controlled recommended taobao shop, such as a humorous skilled dental dental clinic service, such as an idol star provides the membership service, this is the value of social marketing, we can through the cooperation with related to the third party, put the function in user Page, PC mobile platform one-stop service.

idea after molding, in the past two months, on one hand we are doing some products, such as can quickly for some users to load a specific module, ensure that users have completely uninstall processing permissions, for example, on the other hand, we also in communication with some web sites and mobile applications, listening to their thoughts to the project, in my hair after the cooperation related to invite weibo, had a lot of the enthusiastic response of the UGC sites.

zhihu is our user valuable content in the integration of the first attempt to zhihu is China’s most professional knowledge community, content value is very high, cooperation intention is very high, it took about two weeks, we will access the q&a section on zhihu users, their personal Page added a module called zhihu, but the rapid on-line is also disputed by some users, the users to the main bone of contention is that they are zhihu on answer some of the “heavy taste” and don’t want to put in his microblog, at the same time, because the bottom of the Page is not perfect, cause the module cannot quickly deleted, after careful consideration, we have to zhihu decided to temporarily offline, after optimizing content filtering, present form, ensure that users can quickly remove after online, but from another point of view, we verify the weibo cognitive – personal public image in the eyes of the user display platform. Besides zhihu, shells, Brian, poor them valuable content such as create a platform for cooperation, also in the forward step by step.

taobao is our first try to find girl service cooperation projects, new girl is taobao clothing model group, tao girl, after the completion of the Page to access a new girl weibo, in addition to see her weibo, signed in place, you can also see her endorsement of the commodity, her movies, and more importantly, other users can be taken directly to her appointment here – and, of course, the service itself is based on taobao’s booking function.

within the company, we combined micro music team with micro study, take the lead to music class users and books, the author provides the music Page and book Page, such as open band combination @ the microblog home Page of yu quan, first see is his latest music works, and can be directly online play to listen to, and open the novelist @ yue-wen wang weibo homepage, priority is his novels, visitors can read online, or reach the dangdang website to buy. To the operation behavior of these works, and users will be included in the platform, and according to user’s relationship to the content recommended to the relevant person.

based on user Page, we provide the content and services in an aggregation framework, for different module library in the future, for the use of different users to install, of different types of users microblog home Page rendering may differ in thousands ways, content and the form of plus ca change, of course, is to help users better show themselves, to help users better marketing.

when it comes to marketing here, just mention we are another key words: this year.

weibo Feed flow is a flow of information, based on concern relation is a concern that the continuous information and efficient way to obtain information, in fact, has become one of the most “flat” network marketing center. This year we’ll improve the another information channel, which is based on one message flow of the DMS relationship, because of its precision push mechanism, information service and get more efficient, more suitable for one-on-one service.

we hope to be able to make microblog marketing and the service function can provide platform for the public marketing Feed flow, one-on-one service – this is also our message flow of DMS products made some adjustments in the former period of behind, based on the modified message flow platform, we set up a call the service platform of fan products.

I am responsible for part of the micro letter is the similar individual user operations of the public service platform of product, this product is provided to the enterprise, the media, high quality individuals to speaker-dependent mass orientation function of DMS, direct messages content can be pure text, also can be by mixed, can also be a voice.

in order to ensure that it does not be abused, in view of the high quality in terms of individual users, only completed the “subscribe” fans, will receive direct messages, subscription triggered by two mechanisms, the first is the fans take the initiative to send direct messages DY to PO, the second is when fans send some keywords for specific articles of PO subscription of the Lord. We hope it can promote personal media ability, promote the growth of individual media brand, can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of marketing. For example, a study abroad consultant can set the key words, key words “America” for the United States, the keywords “Australia” for the Australian study abroad information, when a certain fans to send a keyword, also have told the Po master destination, Po after the main can achieve more accurate delivery for such users. The mechanism and the mechanism of media users and enterprise users is slightly different, in the long run, we hope the two types of users is given priority to with developer mode of service function.

and I have another thing, in promoting the orange V certification process optimization, to make it more in line with the user expectations, after transforming the user, modify the nickname “V and certification process will be more convenient, for example, we will allow the media and enterprises for their employees certification. Orange V, modify, let users through weibo existing interact to complete various operations, rather than being a and a link to a new page. Such as through fan service platform to realize the movement of the certification process, such as joint third party sites for user authentication.

I am not the most suitable person to answer these questions, I am talking about is related to individual users, but hope I understand there is no problem, the sweat…