Product friends interaction: do big China RTB advertising cake together

who is familiar with the new Internet advertising model, the interaction of product must be the name is not strange. On Friday the company at the first domestic “DSP optimizing teacher certification training start meeting”. This means that the domestic RTB advertising development, must start related talent cultivation work. RTB industry talent shortage.

RTB is tempting cake

RTB market have how old? According to the known monitoring firm IDC monitoring, in 2012, more than 60% of the amount of advertising in the United States are from the RTB. Now more than half of the global fortune 500 companies are using DSP RTB advertisements. In the last year, by contrast, China’s Internet advertising RTB share accounted for only 2%. So, RTB growth potential is tremendous. According to iresearch company representative to attend the meeting today, for the next three years, RTB growth in China will be more than 100%.

until July 2013, taobao, Google and tencent, sina, baidu, such as the Internet has launched advertising trading platform, actively into the RTB domain. In addition, the traditional portal (netease, sohu, phoenix network) are also open to the advertising trading platform in the advertising resources. All in all, the huge market opportunities for China’s Internet are actively embrace RTB.

from the perspective of the structure of the industrial chain, the DSP is the platform (agents) directly to advertisers, advertising planning, analysis, management work can be done through the DSP one-stop. Series of third parties, including product friends, advertising agency, has gradually become the entrance of advertisers to the entire network advertising and control center.

to some extent, as a leader in the field of DSP, product friends launched the first domestic DSP optimization of teacher training certification activities, on the one hand can take advantage on – by cultivating plan for professional talent advantage, on the other hand also to RTB the standardization of the industry, has played a very good demonstration and promotion effect.

learn the RTB this cake bigger

RTB is a promising field, however, how to do the market bigger, better, you need to think seriously about. One of the most critical is to cultivate market and professional talents.

1. The education market

2013 is the year of the outbreak of the RTB. Many advertisers began to try to understand and water RTB. However, most of the advertisers is too conservative, some even don’t know the meaning of this kind of precision advertising model. Therefore, as the first domestic DSP, develop the market, companies say friends RTB, DSP concept development is the top priority.

2. The talent training

product friends CEO Huang Xiaona began the meeting, it puts forward at present they have encountered development bottlenecks, lack of professional talents. She said: “as the RTB market not only expand the industrial chain of each link all need professional team to optimize, communication, and analysis. Powerful technology RTB only realize the frame foundation, and DSP optimization professionals is essential.”

giant cannot manage the industrial chain

in the conference, Huang Xiaona was one of the questions is: whether to worry about the Internet giants to enter the RTB and monopoly industries. For that matter, she confidently replied: “RTB is an ecosystem, we hope to have more people involved”.

on the other hand, such as ali, baidu, sina has large user data and business giants such as market, on the other hand, many new companies to enter, RTB market of the future will also present the big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimp m&a situation? The answer is no. The reason is mainly composed of the following two points:

1. RTB is a multi-part ecosystem. Division of various components of the whole industry chain. DSP, DMP, Ad exchange not obvious business conflicts exist between the parties.

2. Every part of composition RTB respectively has the very high technical threshold or business resources, no one can manage the whole industrial chain. With a large number of advertisers resources such as DSP, and gradually formed a advertisers alliance. In addition, through with numerous Ad exchange platform to achieve docking, DSP will tightly grasp the chain of a port. Although such as TANX advertising market trading platform, also set up their own DSP, but most still remain in their business to expand, does not change the independence of the DSP.

manual mill from yahoo to display ads, Google search ads based on keywords algorithm, and then to now RTB advertising based on big data, Internet advertising has become more towards automation, accurate direction. Turn only pay attention to personnel training, and strengthen their business of barriers to entry, ability in the era of RTB like a duck to water.