Printemps department predators play electricity too block, saite or will close in the spring

electrical business executives told cloud network exclusive hunting, outlet malls, e-commerce sites saite spring operating, or will be closed. At present, from the saite spring has a large number of employees leave.

saite wrangles spring development.

at the end of November 2011 saite group official online mall – saite spring online, but only to maintain the he gives up after half a year after the high-end positioning, and the transformation of the special Olympics was the official online store.

according to the insider said, the reason of transformation is online mall performance is very poor, can use poor to describe, day order only in single digits.

“saite spring last year also worked in focus round of marketing, money also pretty fierce.” The executive said.

in March of this year, the industry, the wangfujing online mall before June of this year and the Olympics online mall close 2 for one, and in wangfujing online mall operators. Said the wangfujing online mall and theo’s official online mall have begun to integrate the transition. “Saite estimates also need two or three months time.”

a saite spring is departing employees convective cloud network, according to “the beginning is wangfujing and saite spring planned merger, and wangfujing planned layoffs of saite spring later, heard about wangfujing and discord saite spring cooperation, there may be other consortium took over.”

to the industry confused wangfujing department store electricity business of their own and not bright color, in January this year hunting cloud network in exclusive report pointed out that the former director of wangfujing department store electricity ZhuangShuai has hang up his boots. “ZhuangShuai is wangfujing department store electricity, head of the team at the earliest, wangfujing is teacher not jie will die first.”

analysts said, “wangfujing merger saite spring more like capital blending between traditional department, because the wangfujing electrical contractor to do so, what’s the saite advanced experience to learn from you? Even if someone is buying, but the saite spring to close, I’m afraid. Has proven failure mode may not play again. Unless changed, can only choose close and electrical business operating costs are too high now, “

cloud network hunting has query the saite spring and wangfujing department store ranking, data show that the two traffic is very low, so low flow, it is hard to imagine website can obtain a large number of orders.

saite spring flow low to was not even in 100000 the

wangfujing electricity flow is also very low, and the ups and downs much

the theo’s parent company China printemps group with strong international capital background, occupy China’s high-end department store chain industry position. It is important to note that the special Olympics, online mall is independent of the listed company (printemps group) of China, this may be printemps deliberately in order to be able to let electricity business independent development layout, but in the end prove, to little effect.

at present, Beijing’s large department manufacturers have launched their own e-commerce platform, such as the new world department store, xidan shopping center shopping mall, Beijing urban and rural online mall, Yintai department group chain online shopping center, etc. The personage inside course of study points out, the department store industry on the whole, the net effect is not very good, so how to better integration of online and offline relationships, how to operate the promotion, is a department of enterprises need to learn to solve problems.

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