President barack Obama and the theory of tycoon of science and technology together “prism”

, U.S. President barack Obama on Thursday with apple Tim Cook , Google senior Cerf (the father of the Internet) and so on several on the government to monitor project for the technology leader in communication. Reported that this is the second such meeting this week. And some of the politicians, science and technology industry lobby group, and privacy groups such as the ACLU (the American civil liberties union) , EPIC (the electronic privacy information center) related aspects, such as people who had helped in the previous meeting. Politico as mentioned in the report, the previous talks focused on the NSA (NSA) and online monitoring project facing dispute, did not involve the meeting on Thursday.

there are government officials, on condition of anonymity said earlier this week on the meeting of experts after Obama encourage people is a response of the public debate for a prism. Meeting about how to most effectively protect privacy in the high-tech era, its content includes how to defend national security and respect their privacy.

after the prism plan after exposure, Obama and then take the corresponding public relations activities, insisted that the congress knows the existence of this project, and welcomed the public comment. However, recently, the NSA phone monitor project budget metadata through congress nearly shot in the lok ma, visible security monitoring issues will go, now is the critical moment.

it’s a pity that ordinary people couldn’t understand to please to discuss the contents of this round of meetings. For the secret meeting, the White House and the organization reports on the official reply.