Prediction: millet “prey” listing of the company

hunting cloud network on September 12 (editor: qing nan)

as September 3 and 5 m television release, millet once again become the focus of public opinion. Only one thing has not announced as everyone expected, this is the financing amount of millet.

although lei jun previously on weibo and the interaction of li3 xue2 ling2 confirmed millet financing valuation billions of dollars in the fact, but in the subsequent mum and media interview. With previous rounds have announced the investor and the financing amount, compared to lei jun is “conservative”, this time not to disclose the investor and amount. Also reports that this round of investors for Russia DST.

however, sophisticated demand, lei jun is good at “take care” media disclosed briefly the purpose of this financing, that is to attract talent and m&a.

even though someone questioned lei jun remarks in drama play media (such as the amount is small but highly valued, take this promotion), also have said money will be used for new products (millet TV product line needs a lot of money). Hunting cloud network, however, think that, from millet layout and ecological system to consider in the future, the company then needs to look for the “prey” in peripheral.

millet currently disadvantages

first of all, millet as a triathlon, namely hardware + software, the Internet service, there are strong with the weak in three big business.

1, the hardware is mainly for the millet mobile phone and new smart TV, etc., cost-effective, have users reputation. But television and box products on the content resource support only CNTV, obvious disadvantage.

2, software part is based on the improved beautiful MIUI android system, good user experience, large amount of fans. But less, yet revenue game occupies most of the share.

3, Internet services, mainly refers to the meters to chat, although already had nearly 40 million registered users, but the real activity is unknown, and a big gap between the micro letter. A business is more reading, also did not form the advantage. In general, the high quality service is very lack.

yes, millet play very upset, very strange flower, is “apple”, but the substance of the coordinated development of its business will not change, or according to the different development stages successively different, different emphasis, such as the hardware part is more outstanding, and then gradually WeiJian ecological scale advantage.

back to the topic, about lei jun are talking about future acquisitions or a stake in the goal, the current business will no doubt and millet are complementary. At this point, cloud network hunting, the actuality of millet and list a few.

1, the kingsoft cloud group

look at domestic baidu tencent ali the three mountain racing to cloud business, the importance is self-evident. Especially in the personal cloud market, around the user’s layout is especially important for millet in the future. The millet mobile phone of cloud services, it is in cooperation with kingsoft cloud group.

although millet has a stake in kingsoft cloud group, but the shareholding proportion is still low. For the future size bigger millet, control is more appropriate for kingsoft cloud group. (some even hope kingsoft and millet company merge, haha)

some say, lei jun is not the chairman of the board of the jinshan software? Kingsoft cloud group as a subsidiary of golden hill software, lei jun is not convenient to used for millet? After all is a male, private is private, golden hill as a listed company, also need to be in accordance with market rules.


although millet has seemingly perfect ratio of television, but only rely on CNTV video resources is also a grip, this problem is also reflected in the millet box.

can only say, millet is only a temporary solution at present. Looking for the “young people’s first television” target, millet also need to compensate on the content resources. With abundant resources but suffer from capital chain PPTV is probably a good choice.

3, a routing Hiwifi

a router as a family and company essential supplies, combined with the mobile cloud era, also after the upgrade innovation opportunity. Intelligent router wars, in contrast, the millet hardware products on the Internet more front end, if we can solve the intelligent acceleration, cloud applications, content, accurate delivery and network security requirements, such as not to create more value for the user?

this aspect, this very route Hiwifi might be a possible option, besides Wang Chuyun currently play like the firm’s founder, lei jun, pity is a hero. Also more accord with lei jun priority to the selection criteria.

4, hand tour company

in beautiful MIUI mobile game business has accounted for nearly 60% of the, and in quite some time, mobile game this trend will not decay. Lei jun and millet would not miss this opportunity. Previously, LeiJunCeng personally invested in several companies, including the “iron Mars” developer news is infinite, and golden hill network agent for this product.

which company is really bad to say, but from the individual style of lei jun, prefer “San Francisco” (golden hill employee).