Precise and can be customized: Google formally to Gmail push E-mail ads

according to foreign media reports BGR science and technology, Google has officially begun to Gmail users push E-mail ads. Not long ago, Google launched the new Gmail. One of the most prominent change is the function of category labels, user mailbox mail is in the place appointed for each in the Primary (main), Social (Social), Promotions (promotion), Updates (dynamic), Forums (BBS) in five different labels. The personage inside course of study analysis, one of the Promotions TAB option, will be an important source of Google and a cash cow’s milk. In view of the precision on the law of Google, as well as the classification of label neat layout, the promotional advertising should not cause the user’s wall.

although Google has been displayed on the mailbox sidebar ads, but to the user mailbox directly receiving spam is the first time. In addition, Google said that users need not fret, because the user can change their own Gmail Settings to control the accept the type and amount of advertising, and even users can also in the Promotion, by clicking the X button to completely shut down advertising mail function.