Preached immediately ali box

the author: trish

in the mobile Internet to alibaba is rapidly expanding layout: according to sources, ali cloud plans to launch the Internet set-top box products to grab the TV screen, but with the focus of the content such as music, PPTV cuts, ali “box” focuses on the system, is more a hope that through multiple screen through shopping and television screen.


box products need to Internet TV licences, millet box has therefore been suspended. Although sources did not reveal ali will work with who obtain licences, but analysts say is likely to be an old friend of alibaba “TV media” or “hunan TV station”.

the two companies establish joint venture company with alibaba in 2010: the former is joined with taobao “TV taobao,” provide goods 12 categories on digital TV, the user can through the remote control and interaction with the purchase of a set-top box, can choose cash on delivery or use pay treasure to TV version. The latter was established joint venture with taobao hipster star electric business platform, and planted products to the variety show.

in 2010 TV media and hunan TV station have Internet TV licences.

after two years, TV and hunan TV station in the field of Internet TV have been completed layout, TV box PPBox PPTV recently jointly launched a $299, released in April by hunan TV station also OEM mango pie box products.

now alibaba did not comment on the matter.


whether Letv or PPTV, the chip layout Internet set-top box is more content, just m&a PPS iQIYI also plans to accelerate the layout, they focused on mobile Internet tide’s a TV screen.

for alibaba, content is undoubtedly its disadvantages, but the good news is that even though its not video content, but both in the TV media and hunan TV station has accumulated a powerful content resources:

the star of the TV business is on demand and value-added services, is a powerful film TV dramas and variety. Hunan satellite TV will be its own resources and phoenix satellite TV, cetv and parts such as South Korea’s SBS television program jointly make content support.

but sources, focused on ali ali do box of the operating system access.

ali ali operation system officially launched in July 2011, although the development has been questioned all the way, but with tianyu, manufacturers such as haier launched 10 balance with cloud OS phones, shipments currently has more than 3 million units, and ali ali operating system operation over the past year has been in contact TV makers operating system problem.

and plans for the box and is hoping to achieve operating system with ali ali operating mobile phone terminal, TV more than to the side of the screen, computer screen, such as mobile phones can manipulate the television screen, so that a few screen form a closed loop in ali operating system, furthermore, let television shopping can have rapid growth.


like ali ali operating mobile phones are faced with the problem, already has a lot of box products on the market, how to let the user choose ali’s box? Especially ali’s potential partners TV, hunan TV station in the box for layout, how to allocate resources and the promotion is need for ali or solve the problem.

on the other hand, TV shopping to try before TV and taobao, and there is no obvious effect, although the concept of some advanced does not have the development environment, but in today’s mobile Internet penetration, how many users are willing to give up shopping convenient PC and mobile end, but rather to TV side?

some analysts pointed out that may be the answer to that question is not important, just like ali recently frequent in the investment behavior of the mobile Internet, aim at the more good under the fierce market competition to occupy a favorable position.

PPTV before pushing PPBox box products, PPTV TaoChuang had told sina science and technology, Internet companies enter the field of set-top box, although there will be competition between each other, but is not so fierce as outsiders imagine, main controlling or not qualified fortress set-top box market.

but now the Internet companies on the box seems to have begun to differentiate themselves, such as Letv box and then start doing TV by doing it, and it is also of millet box before plan, PPTV the system through the box to get more TV manufacturers understand the content of the APP, to promote more content.

but it is worth noting that, with the speeding up of the smart TV update frequency and prices lower, as a transitional product of set-top box there is a big risk, and almost 300 yuan pricing and no profit at present, in the future if there is a large enough market space still need to call into question.

source: sina science and technology