PPS was acquired, the old rival PPTV said there are two risks

baidu finally announced acquisition of PPS, the industry has a different interpretation. As PPS direct rival brand PPTV, how they look at it?

today PPTV helm TaoChuang they “couldn’t help but” published on the matter:

one of inductive: compensation for art video on the client. In the advantages of the mobile Internet video client back, no matter in the product experience, content delivery, users promotion, the client (APP) more user value and viscosity. At present, iresearch published mobile data see PPTV and PPS two client currently ranked DiYiErWei in the mobile market. Web video does not have an advantage.

inductive # 2: how to build a content differentiation after buying will be new art one of the biggest challenges. In the long and PPS are based on the film and television play video company. Mobile end users typically installed several video APP, if the content homogeneity, users would be unnecessary and install two APP. So after the merger, the two mobile end users must be 1 + 1=2. Youku and tudou wants to do double brand positioning to increase the user, the effect is not obvious.

inductive # 3: the team is always the biggest factor that m&a success. Collect the key to m&a is not a specific number, but the team behind the Numbers. I personally involved in many company merger and acquisition, merger and acquisition of youku and tudou when I said the merger is just Numbers, but the real merger is a ‘team’ only team together, just can have the scale of 1 + 1> 2. If the acquisition is completely driven capital, mergers and acquisitions may be risky.

in simple terms, TaoChuang pointed out that although the PPS compensation in the video at the client side of the board, but merge two risks, it is a double brand positioning can not add user. 2 are sold TaoChuang doubt PPS is capital, driven team no resultant force, acquisition risks.