PPS financing where go to?

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this day didn’t watch the news, all of a sudden rumors PPS to sell to baidu? Then, and he didn’t!

involved both baidu and PPS she resolutely denied the existence of a $350 million contract. I don’t care about the rumors, but care about rumors behind!

we are now beginning to play an imaginary game.

PPS to prostitution, why to sell. Can’t hold on to his sex for a variety of reasons, is one of the most common. Can’t hold on to his in the video industry, the reason why there is only one, that is no money, take refuge in renren is the way it is.

PPS to spend a little bit too fierce!


in December 2005, PPS won the first round of $1 million in financing from lianchuang policy source. In March 2007, PPS finish by lianchuang policy source and qiming provide $10 million in the second round of financing. 2008, PPS finish total nearly $20 million in the third round of financing, this Investment led by LB LG’s Investment company (LB Investment LB), lianchuang policy source and qiming to vote.

PPS is not a listed company, the outside world does not know its revenue. However, you can find some clues from peers.

to compare youku:

bandwidth costs RMB 324.7 million in 2011
Content cost of 243.4 million yuan in 2011
Operating costs for 2011 RMB 383.6 million
In 2011, sales and marketing costs RMB 230.5 million
Product development fee for 2011 RMB 72.6 million
Daily and administrative fees for 2011 RMB 80.5 million

youku only spent 1.2627 billion yuan ($2011 year! A net loss of RMB 172.1 million. When youku to or short-term cash equivalent 2011 total investment 3.7 billion yuan. Youku has capital, that is the loss of the game to continue.

the latest results: over the past two years youku revenue of 1.28 billion yuan, the loss of 377 million yuan. Potatoes revenue of 800 million yuan over the past two years, a net loss of 553 million yuan. The two companies for the past two years total revenue reached 2.08 billion yuan, but losses also reached a total of $930 million.

I am want to say, the video industry is burning money bottomless.

PPS was born in such a burning money industry, get the point of financing is too little, they spend less money will not be!

now youku merged potatoes, occupy half. Love art, sohu video, tencent video of rich dad. In the industry also leaves these helpless poor baby.

find a backer, is understandable.

outside the PPS us listings in 2011, raising $100 million, ultimately, that no one flange capital.