Powerword multilingual interpreting the technology behind the story

cloud network hunting yesterday for the kingsoft powerword version 6.0 meter. Xiao yun from official today some features about the kingsoft powerword interpretation technology behind the news, share with you.

interpretation function is developed with the United States, Germany’s top universities:

7 language interpretation function, is the strongest new features for the powerword V6.0. Users can complete Chinese to Britain, the United States, Germany, the west, France, Japan, Korea and so on seven language translation, at the same time support voice and text translation both input and output model. Conference, kingsoft powerword CEO to show the function of powerful interpretation, wang xin is spoken language recognition and translation is very accurate.

it is understood that the kingsoft powerword interpretation function, is the virtue of the three joint research and development. Powerword at Carnegie Mellon university, with the United States and Germany karlsruhe university of science and technology of speech recognition research and development of laboratory.

Mellon domestic many familiar, karlsruhe university knowledge may be less. Xiao yun added some background: university of karlsruhe is Germany “MIT”, in the network and automation majestic in power. The early Internet trial network in China is the help for the construction of carew, China’s first E-mail “Across indicates the Great Wall we can reach every corner in the world.” is sent to the university of karlsruhe.

kingsoft CEO hong-jiang zhang talk about natural language processing:

the language is the most natural, the most commonly used communication between people. As WeChat, Siri, the vigorous development of smart phones, language also slowly into a commonly used means of communication between people and machines. Spoken dialogue, however, the nature of implicit is very complicated and difficult to reproducing human characteristics. How to not use designated special vocabulary under the premise of complete dialogue with the machine, has been a difficult problem. Natural language processing, the subject is focused on the research how to better let artificial intelligence and linguistic fusion.

at present, some of the world’s cutting-edge companies and universities in this regard have accumulated a lot of research. The v6 version of iciba developed, is the application of the industry’s most cutting-edge results, make oral translation is becoming so close to the heart.

this function seems simple, actually there is a lot of difficult to achieve. Users say a word, natural language understanding system requires the user says natural language into the form of computer programs are easier to handle, and then translate. Translation of the results after forming, natural language generation system data into the computer natural language, say to the user. Several links to do accurate translation, can’t go wrong.