Potatoes into youku this year: the former executives were cleaning the stagnation of mobile business


dispatch of netease science and technology news on August 5, netease science and technology of, youku potato group, senior vice President in continent due to leave today, this is also the original tudou in youku potato only a senior executive of the group management committee. At this point, youku potatoes after the merger, wang era all potatoes department executives has run away.

time back to a year ago. In August 2012, youku and tudou formally merged, youku potatoes co., LTD was formally established. This is to rewrite the pattern of China’s online video industry of a merger, also became the happened several times in the Internet industry mergers and acquisitions reference case.

a year passed, and end the larger foe youku and tudou, youku potato group held the first camp video industry; Economies of scale and synergies, gradually diminishing results in loss of digital… But behind group’s aura, the takeover of the potato has come what way?

a year, tudou positioning. In March 2013, the new CEO Yang orientation, vertical those youth small potatoes to the video website, the optimal soil group and tudou is probably the right choice. But behind these potatoes team for departure, mobile business long-term stagnation in the mobile battle almost out of business.

departure from state executive team wiped out

of netease science and technology, youku potato group, senior vice President of human resources, tudou’s chief strategy officer in the state due to departure today. I ask netease science and technology on the matter to the state, the state said it is “rumor” declined to comment, but it has been some tudou internal senior staff to default, according to netease science and technology in every way, to state the next destination is likely related to tudou founder wang.

in addition to outside the state, leaving the company in June, tudou years old minister editor-in-chief ZuChen departure; In July, tudou Huang Dong technology vice President, who dominated the establishment “” Shanghai potatoes music, film and television co., LTD.” project stands, senior director of departure.

data show that in the states joined tudou in December 2010, served as vice President of human resources and strategy. In February 2012 was appointed tudou’s chief strategy officer. Youku tudou merger, in the state in youku potato group, senior vice President, to join the group management committee, he is a rookie in addition to the march of tudou CEO Yang, youku potato group management committee in 10 only one executives from department of potatoes.

at the same time the state is also wang tudou executive team last time. Previously, after the potatoes into youku CEO wang and COO Evelyn wang had departure. Wang management team of the era of completely become a thing of the past.

once every courtier, this is no a airborne executive team can avoid the problem. Netease science and technology in the survey, in recent half a year, PPTV, sohu video, iQIYI video website has received a large number of the original content from tudou, market and other staff, tudou turnover of more than 50% in half year.

according to a person from tudou leaving employees, according to new CEO Yang took office, in order to quickly build their own team, large-scale hiring. The new recruit to the director of the middle management level was more than 28, because employees and new style, squeezed factors such as the large number of departure.

heart turmoil move out

the personnel of the turmoil to tudou also affect business, the most obvious is the performance in all the video web site on the mobile end their positive phase, tudou has been accidentally left behind.

according to iresearch MUT (mobile intelligent terminal user behavior research) in June to video website monitoring calibration data mobile app end, youku, iQIYI and PPTV daily coverage of users in the first three, average daily covers the number in 14.1 million, 790 and 790 respectively, but the number of average daily coverage tudou is 710000, only one over twenty of the size in the same group of youku.

in netease science and technology in acquiring another from last December to July of this year’s video website mobile APP data found in the table, tudou’s performance on the mobile end remains subdued and no growth: in the data, in youku, sohu video, tencent video, tudou, iQIYI video APP, such as comparison, tudou has been low, and most of the year without any growth, highest monthly covers only just over 5 million. While youku in koo “screen” under the guidance of the strategy, rapid growth since may this year, the monthly number once covered more than 50 million.

why on earth are competing for the mobile APP tudou out this critical battlefield? Netease science and technology, trying to find tudou wireless department related personnel, but relates to several former wireless department employees said they resigned from tudou. A departure from the wireless department employees, according to the wireless department personnel loss is too big, often turbulent team to bring a lot of inconvenience to the business, is a typical example: earlier this year, apple’s APP store need to find a docking on tudou side person, ask about APP to upgrade, but always can’t find tudou APP, apple can’t solve, only potatoes are directly related to the APP.

another aspect is on the promotion of stagnation. Video class nearly 80% from the App store App users download, the remaining 20% from the operator or mobile phone manufacturer factory pre-installed channels, such as user basic comes from the recommended position, list of marketing channels, rarely take the initiative to search for download, so a high requirement on the promotion. While tudou APP no growth for a long time, it is possible that group on tudou APP promotion through little support.

essay: mergers and acquisitions by fate

the fate of tudou is almost a certainty. Potatoes, youku m&a is not in order to complement each other, but in order to “destroy the biggest rivals”, in the two sites under the condition of coincidence degree so high, optimal soil group potatoes may be defined as the vertical niche video website, has is the most valuable stops.

the fate of the potato is the domestic Internet current large-scale mergers and acquisitions under the tide of a microcosm. After being sold to grand “bloodbath” cool 6 network, like was sold to oak Pacific group “renren” go from bad to worse. In this rapidly changing competitive environment, purchase, may be the most immediate s fastest way, but behind this, mergers and acquisitions are inevitable fate: the company name and brand gradually marginalized, or positioning adjustment, or fell silent.