Police “fishing enforcement” catch buyers in the United States: from the source to curb the iPhone theft

Beijing time on April 29, news, according to the huffington post reported that the San Francisco police to prevent the happening of the iPhone, theft, sent undercover agents streets, alleys sell iPhone “stolen”, and arrested wants to buy a “dirty”, to kill mobile phone theft market from the source.

below is the article main content:

a cloudy in the afternoon, in the United States city of San Francisco Tenderloin district (Tenderloin), a person wearing a hoodie slow walking alone in the Market Street, Market Street), would come forward to talk with people. He is careful to dry the backpack’s contents: three new iPhone, are still in the company logo in the unopened packaging. Before let potential customers bid, he told these people claimed that mobile phone was stolen. He walked pass by store, prescription, until she found an interested buyer. However, before the deal finalized, another person from a nearby doughnuts burst out of the store, and whispered in Spanish warning the potential buyers, he may be the police suspect that the sell mobile phone. The buyers suddenly very nervous, and walked away.

wear hoodies this man is indeed a policeman. Officer Tom Lee (Tom Lee) is a stolen iPhone buyers as the target of the undercover “fishing” operations. Under his hoodie, hides a small recording equipment. Near the crowd, there are two plainclothes officers, all of them with a gun, in under the condition of the transaction crash protection officer lee’s safety. In one block, there are two police officers sitting in an unmarked car, the signals arrested officer at any time waiting for lee to them.

outside the red canopy in a restaurant, a physical burly men standing, officer lee moved towards him. The man wearing glasses, dressed in a black pinstripe suit. He looked carefully at the iPhone, and then offer of $100. Once pass officer lee took the cash, mobile phone, signal arrested. Then, four police officers rushed over, give this man handcuffs, successfully conducted once the arrests. Its he major cities in the United States, not only in San Francisco, the criminal has sought to profit by selling stolen mobile equipment, law enforcement and the criminal this cat-and-mouse game between also intensified.

three years ago, San Francisco, police set up a special operations task aimed at curbing the city’s mobile phone theft crime, officer lee and his team belonging to the task. In addition to San Francisco, New York and Washington, set up a similar small group undercover. San Francisco police are not randomly chosen “phishing” site, police said, market street, seventh street and the city of San Francisco, the city is the intersection between main open-air stolen electronics market. Given that nearly half of San Francisco residents have the iPhone, the stolen mobile phones market has stolen has become a global sales network hub.

in San Francisco, police said in here to buy stolen phones are often sold overseas, a large part of the reason is to avoid the U.S. wireless carriers in the domestic set up a blacklist. These sell to overseas markets, such as Hong Kong and Rio hot inside, such as the theft of mobile phone, the final price could be as high as $1000. Lookout mobile security company, said the theft or loss of cell phone worth a total of about 30 billion dollars a year.

police said that in 2012, nearly half of the robbery at San Francisco are associated with smartphones. The police through the use of GPS sensors in the bay area to the thieves to steal the iPhone and the equipment, finally locked the seventh street and this corner of market street intersection.

for officer lee and his partner, cracking the market has become the top priority. Initially, the undercover detective door mainly arrest of the thieves, the officers in the city on the train and the bus pretend careless, hope to be able to attract the attention of thieves, but failed to get great progress. And now, the action project adopted a new strategy: catch the buyer. Special operations team aims to spread fear and suspicion to the market, make the market sell it disappear.

the San Francisco police officer Joe Garrity (Joe Garrity) said, “if they stole the phone but can’t sell, then there would be no market. We will cut off the source.”

the San Francisco police strategy sparked controversy. Defense lawyers said the police undercover to seek to buy smartphones and ordinary people who do not have a criminal will trap “fishing enforcement”. The city of San Francisco’s public defenders, Dan pudding, said “you are in fact in the manufacturing scope, or entice people to crime. This is a serious waste of resources.”

another problem is that their efficiency. San Francisco district attorney George jia kang (George Gascon) think, “did not play a deterrent” fishing enforcement, and failed to curb the city of San Francisco’s mobile phone stolen. Well, said in an interview, “mobile phone theft as a whole did not reduce. It is like a war on drugs, the more grip, the more drugs.”

however, police said, most buyers to market street, seventh street and not totally innocent. They are all street vendors, is the world’s stolen iPhone and a key link in the distribution system. Police said the undercover operations showed them the best solution, to prevent the contemporary crime wave to expand across the us.

garrity says, “it is important to send a message to the criminals, is that you can’t just buy it had in the street. This is not at macy’s or cheap store. This is against the law.”

stolen mobile phone market

in fact, San Francisco has become a stolen iPhone distribution hub, it is not unexpected. And only 40 km distance from San Francisco, apple headquarters for apple products have high loyalty, the city’s iPhone penetration of the highest. According to the survey shows that 48% of San Francisco residents have an iPhone.

to summer, apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook), Papua, Arts Center in San Francisco theater (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts) released the iPhone 5, and in less than a mile from the art Center distance, stolen iPhone and apple as usual was brought to market street, seventh street and a black market for sale.

to collapse the underground market, officer lee disguised as a stolen mobile phone sellers. This police officer, 37, a chinese-american expert is a apple. Before joining the police, he had worked in apple retail stores, sales experience in apple store let him improve their sales ability, but now it is for police use.

one recent afternoon, li police officer wearing a green sweater, blue jeans and a white sneakers, dressed very “street”. Moderate conservative officer lee, you are speaking to do the undercover, very aggressive. “Buy mobile phone, you can’t show politeness, because that they won’t buy it. Our factory is to imitate the way they talk, if they use dirty words, I also can speak a few.”

after a brief conversation, officer lee told buyers, he sells the iPhone is from a nearby stolen apple retail store. He won’t offer to ensure that there would be no “fishing” signs. On the contrary, he let the buyer offer.

police said that like many other large cities, San Francisco stolen iPhone buyers and sellers, tends to group action, like street drug-dealers cliques. Some group members up to 10 people.

some group refused to never know mobile phones sellers to buy stolen or distrust. , some of these groups are responsible for scrutiny, someone responsible for Iraq, and some like the baton, pass back from buying dirty machine to others, so that when he was stolen from the police catch, also is unable to ferret out a mobile phone.

apple lent authorities is a brand new iPhone, so they were undercover mission. However, in the San Francisco police officers had lost several. , garrity ordered way, “try not to lose these damn phone.”

controversial strategy

garrity team accustomed to work undercover. Over the years, his officers dressed in rags hung out in the street, covered in sending out the smell alcohol. The tramp want a cigarette. Defense lawyers and civil rights advocates said the San Francisco police practice eventually would only push up to rob to arrest slightly, rather than protect those homeless people from the harm of crime structure.

the iPhone buyers as the main target of the undercover mission also led to a similar concern. In February, the San Francisco police as enough to buy two iPhone and mobile phone stolen, citing arrested a Mexican migrants illegally. The man has two children at home, no criminal record, can’t speak English, also can not understand the police. San Francisco police, after he was arrested, notify the federal agency officials. The man was sentenced to a week, at the same time, his lawyers are also seeking to avoid the possibility of deportation. Shortly thereafter, he was released by the police, was sentenced to community service.

in 2011, the New York police undercover through disguise, within five days, arrested 237 suspected of buying or selling stolen iPhone. Undercover agents tell buyers, these stolen mobile phone from apple stores Manhattan.

New York City councilman Vincent heptyl flute le (Vincent Gentile) therefore wanted to New York City police commissioner Raymond Kelly (Raymond Kelly) sent a letter to say, “trying to eradicate those who knowingly stolen goods trading businesses, also it is one thing; To lure unsuspecting and law-abiding teenagers to ‘buy’ from the undercover agents products, it is another one thing.” Heptyl flute le asked kelly to survey the action. To this, kelly said in the letter, the undercover “closely monitored by strict regulation and” action. “Were arrested in the operation of individual, trying to buy those that have known is stolen goods.”

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