Pocket: he believed that from immature to mature

2011. As Nate Weiner (Nate Weiner), 27 years old birthday the day before, the young man came to the mountain view, from San Francisco to attend a meeting of the most important in his life. Had difficult times also let wiener become mature, the experience into the capital he now negotiations.

a few weeks ago, the impression of notes (the company) executives who suddenly contact weiner, hope to be able to buy his development of the application. Pocket formerly wiener in 2007 published a named “Read Later” (Read It Later). It’s very easy to use, “a key save the page – & gt; Synchronized to the server – & gt; Different devices view “, in our usual encountered is worthy of collection or browse the web at that time is too late to finish the page goes through a Read it Later to save to the cloud, for future reference.

originally, Read It Later just as an extension of the firefox browser, can be in the impression of notes wanted to buy It, the app users has reached 3 million, monthly users the number of files stored in the cloud is over 7.5 million. As partners (Read It Later the user often also make Later reading notes) file to impression with competitors, the company only a cheque to Read It Later for the millions of dollars. And then Read It Later, wiener opinion, worth far more than that number, and even its six times. So he refused to buy, and determined to establish an independent enterprise, to build a new brand.

inspiration of rain finally coming

wiener is a typical “male” technology. In early youth, he had to a local real estate developers have made a website, and also for GoldenEye 007 (an award-winning abroad super search tools) to develop the function of preview video. Wiener major in criminal justice science college, then give up enviable professional, moved into extreme sports television station is responsible for the development of 3 d animation.

2007, wiener moved to Minneapolis (one city in the United States), in the work as a freelance web development at the same time, he also in thinking about advertising. At that time, Nick, his girlfriend (Nikki Will) as a designer for a advertising company, also gave the wiener big help. Leisure, wiener also started my own blog “” light rain (inspiration), and always in some published his little application. But then one thing has a great impact on wiener. Once, wiener for Twitter has developed a real-time statistical software, but after a few days Twitter closed the open port. Thus, wiener efforts have spoiled. Referring to the experience, weiner said: “since then, I decided to no longer rely on someone else’s API, I want to be a separate application.”

Later, wiener learned programming with find information on the Internet, and in August 16, 2007 for the firefox browser developed the first generation of Read It Later extension procedures. Then Read It Later applications, there are two big button, one is used to save the web page, the other one is to see the records list.

ray of hope and off-guard hit

then, wiener is the only company a full-time “employees”, but he got a girlfriend, and his twin brother Max (Max Weiner, who Read It Later develop iOS version) of the full support. In only a few months Later, Read It Later It is boarded the home page of foreign science and technology media, also on Lifehacker after It was reported. Wiener has also been diligent about update application, has added the offline reading, cross-browser synchronous articles, and other functions, is also developing iPhone applications. Incidentally, then Read It Later is need to pay to use, but the price is very reasonable, as long as $2.99.

but career far is not so smooth. In 2008, after gathering some of the popular, to Read It Later also usher in a batch of “uninvited guests” — has appeared on the market some of the same type of products. Among them, the bursts of developers Marco amon, (Marco Arment) released an application, called “became the wiener’s biggest rival. From the beginning, Instapaper will show a kind of “aggressive” imposing manner, its developer called It “the first real application allows users to Read Later”, and accused the wiener Read It Later is the product of copying Instapaper.

2010, wiener and they moved to Los Angeles, where devote herself began to Read It Later development work. With the expansion of the user community, wiener also dream to further expand the application of the function. He found that in addition to being able to save the document, it should be able to collect more file types, such as video, receipts, travel search and even shopping. Now Pocket had put the idea into reality, and the actual effect is very good, studies have found that the user to save the shopping link in the Pocket, easily converted into cash).

2011, wiener received an invitation from impression notes executives, came to the mountain. As he can be acquired as a path of sustainable development, and is because of the impression notes executives doubt and low price and choose to give up. After, wiener and his wife (he and his girlfriend, married in 2011) once again return to the San Francisco, played a poor life. Interview, weiner said: “that is we try to accept the blow, but we seem to be no hope.”

mature: to redefine a word

the value of a company depends on whether it can conform to the trend, only to make users love. Many mature companies to redefine or created a vocabulary, via Facebook, for example, we know that the “Like”, used Twitter we understand what is “Tweet,” using Foursquare, let us to know the “check in”. For Pocket, the mature of it because of his newly defines the concept of “Save”.

said from the function, Pocket can be thought of as impression notes and Dropbox’s little sister. They can provide users with the save function such as reading later. But the Pocket in the market and profit still lags behind that of the above two software. The impression of notes and Dropbox users have already broke through 6000 and 100 million respectively, and have begun to make money. As a faster, design more simple and convenient Pocket, currently has 9 million users, and there is no actual profit pattern.

weiner said that with the advent of the era of mobile, Pocket had turned into a web page to save the application of the idea, has clearly not practical. Future Pocket will continue into the field of mobile terminals, such as tablets, Google glasses wearable devices will be showcasing their own “stage”.

refused to impression notes, renamed “Pocket”

after rejected impression notes, wiener turned to VCS. At present, Pocket has been from the Capital, the Baseline Ventures, Google Ventures and the founders of Collective reap $7.5 million in financing. Like Instgram, now the company already has 13 members, including wiener’s wife to be the company’s chief designer, and his brothers Max into Pocket Android version, head of the development. Last year, after the company’s internal fierce discussion, will Read It Later renamed Pocket, they hope that the more friendly, gentle names can make the application become more practical, not only save the web page file so simple.

in April this year, amon, sell Betaworks company announced his Instapaper. Since last year, he said, he will lose interest in the product. Meng said: “I totally agree with wiener’s idea, although it is a little later to read application, but need some personal threw himself into it.”

continued craving for growing

for users are now used to Pocket, it has become the tools of the Internet. Every day from more than 400 in the third party applications to connect to the Pocket, more than 1.3 million documents were stored in the cloud. However, Pocket has a huge market potential, especially for those who did not use it for normal users, the most convenient tool Pocket is definitely save data.

can not find the profit model, is the key to a startup can survive for a long time. For Pocket, does not seem to lack of cash mode, such as from the affiliate link into, and publishers and so on. Weiner said the Pocket is rapid growth as an independent company. Luck and gave him the opportunity to create an application with a large user base, he said: “I’m glad to see our products in the leading position of the industry, Pocket will seek greater development in the future.”


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