Plot: according to the version of the hand Q online new features and WeChat commercial race

(editor: qing nan)

in the stuff in the infighting, with micro letter hand Q still ran all the way.

because WeChat rapid rise, forcing hand Q team in the ranks to social networking division after hastily catch and release in May this year, but a bad experience from users has been fun. Then hand Q learned a lesson, and on the function of adjustment and optimization of key. Nowadays, experience has been improved, but with WeChat homogenized competition is more and more serious.

cloud network hunting, hand Q will release a new version again in about the middle of next month, the time will increase the service life, game center, mobile payment, etc. These are with micro letter now existing or forthcoming function is very similar. Quite coincidentally, WeChat next version will be released in early August, just hand Q will later a few days. However, tencent official did not reply to confirm the above content.

life services

this tencent partners meeting in early July for fresh air. At that time, namely the general application of assistant general manager of tencent Wu Jisheng said hand Q will expand life services platform, focus on user basic services such as food and clothing live line, etc.

learned hunting cloud network news, according to the “service life” will be displayed in a folder on the QQ contact list, including preferential tickets, such as QQ, QQ, QQ online, etc. Preferential tickets, QQ, QQ is likely to take the lead in launching, QQ online, the game center is reflected in the latest version also remains unknown, according to people familiar with the subsequent versions should be embodied.

QQ old movie tickets have been very well, you are likely to be in the form of a plug-in integration to hand Q, direct calls to existing data.

discount is a tencent QQ is an important embodiment of O2O strategy. As early as in the past, tencent electricity has been established for the service life, specifically responsible for member discount and convenient life as the core, connecting businesses create one-stop service platform of mobile life. And launch of “life” in the WeChat localization service life, but the general effect. Next, platform hand Q will try again.

get screenshot shows from hunting cloud network, QQ offers will get through, with PC data and can be realized based on the geographical position near the “discount” merchants query, breaks the “I”, is to realize the management functions.

game center

in the outbreak of swimming, as a user size and active hand ultramicro letter Q platform, still would not miss this gold mine. Tencent mobile gaming platform, the building has been finished, will be available on hand Q, qq games hall, hand Q space, applications such as treasure resources combination.

at present, the micro letter is testing the cool running every day, love every day to remove etc from the mobile phone games, it is understood that the first line will also include “plants vs zombies westward journey”, “fruit warrior: miracle tour”, “space-time hunter”, etc. And these products are probably the first online Q platform to hand.

mobile payment

based on the above service life, mobile games and other services online, payment as an important component of the one-stop service, nature is essential to the function. To be sure, tencent is necessarily based on their wealth tenpay tool, but is similar to the micro letter name is still unknown. At present, the independent brands WeChat closed tool “WeChat payment” is based on wealth tenpay technology has carried on the subsequent development.

as a whole, these functions have online will mean Q will be fully open the road to commercialization. This is almost as WeChat is a development. Tencent’s mobile web layout finally fully into the harvest time.